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terseness and economy in writing and speaking achieved by expressing a great deal in just a few words

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Meanwhile, some further results on succinctness of QFAs have been obtained in [44, 20, 21, 43, 4].
In the case of language recognition, the gap of succinctness between Las Vegas realtime pfas and oneway DFAs can be at most quadratic and this gap is tight [9, 24].
He responded with typical Grossmanian succinctness, saying "We agree.
Working toward faculty calibration is one way to help reduce the issue of inconsistent teaching practices and approach uniformity, which offers clarity and succinctness to novice learners.
Also, while it is extremely refreshing to see material from the medieval and early modern period side-by-side, in practice the chronological distinctions remain largely intact because the succinctness of each chapter does not enable a sustained consideration of how spatial and performance practices relate between the two eras.
The aspect of this book that most impressed me was the author's ability to provide an in-depth analysis of the development of medicine as a science with clarity and succinctness.
And certainly, Kiefer's four-decade career--currently surveyed with powerful succinctness at the Royal Academy of Arts in London (27 September-14 December) resists ascriptions of 'good' or 'bad' more than that of any other contemporary artist.
Palit's succinctness and clarity of writing enhances the book's broad appeal and utility.
This statement is sobering in its succinctness, and says much about the future of Myanmar's democratization.
Our Skye 'triathlon' had the pleasing succinctness of all the most satisfying challenges, it was an arbitrary microadventure that would take in some of the island's most beautiful landscapes, we would be travelling by three very different means, and--to add a piquancy of self-imposed urgency to proceedings--we would try to finish the lot inside 24 hours.
Her poetry reveals the elegance, eloquence and succinctness of words typical of one who exercises the law, along with the rhetoric, strength and persuasive power of words where one is seduced and convinced of an initially ludicrous idea without notice.
The pictures and dialogue give the read era good feel for Austen's style and her characters' personalities and attitudes; text boxes clarify and advance the story with Austen-like succinctness.
Pelosi's succinctness addresses the issue Weiner, Spitzer, Vitter and even Bill Clinton (who at least has repented with global good works for women in the intervening 20 years since the Lewinsky scandal) never discuss: Your behavior, guys, is offensive to women.
The succinctness of his treatment has forced him to exclude flows in a rotating environment and computational fluid dynamics.
While there is always danger in defining concepts too briefly, Godfrey's succinctness is appropriate and careful.