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Synonyms for succeeding

coming after or following

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(of elected officers) elected but not yet serving


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This accession of artes liberales, designed in their Greek intention for initialization of the linguistic (trivium) and mathematical (quadrivium) competence of the human mind, to the position kindred in a way to the modern aesthetic concept of arts, was underpinned by the agnostic current of Eriugena's thought which, however, left succeedingly unrent the cognitive field that came to be divided in modern times by epistemic and aesthetic constituents.
The equipment is then exploited at succeedingly higher levels until a countermeasure is developed to neutralize the enemy's technological advantage.
Over time and with repeated activation, it requires succeedingly less energy and conscious thought to trigger an aggressive response (Magnusson, 1997).
Each year is a succeedingly increasing challenge,'' said Ken Scott, chief financial officer at the Antelope Valley Union High School District.
Subject to the terms and conditions of the offer, Thousand Trails will begin purchasing the Notes tendered at the lowest price in the Dutch Auction Price Range and proceed to each succeedingly higher price within such range until it spends the Aggregate Purchase Price.