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The Succeeder respondents also are characterized by determination, positive outlook and approach to life, and a strong future orientation.
At Succeeder Solutions, our motto is "if you can't manage it, don't measure it".
Well, it's time I shared with you a little more about how I have become such a big name in the Succeeder Triangle (the area bounded by Luton, Watford and Stevenage--our equivalent of Silicon Valley).
According to recent research, from Professor Krench of Succeeder Lab, 73 per cent of us spend most of our time at work angry.
The succeeder only does work which accords with his or her values.
Using metrics based on information garnered from the Succeedy Six, the Succeeder Laboratories have identified eight Personal Personality Types (PPT)[c].
Professor Barnaby Ashwell of the Succeeder Laboratories has characterised the kind of thinking that is neither Left (L-mode) nor Right (R-Mode) as In-Between (I-Mode).