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(medicine) something that can be used as a substitute (especially any medicine that may be taken in place of another)

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Not just any words, however, but tongue-twisters such as logorrhea (excessive talkativeness), succedaneum (a substitute), and more--in competitive spelling bees.
1 was used to indicate diagnoses of caput succedaneum, cephalhematoma, and chignon, a situation that made it difficult to track the incidence and causes of subgaleal hemorrhage.
Although all infants exposed to vacuum assisted delivery devices will have a caput succedaneum, care providers need to be aware that two major life-threatening complications following use of vacuum assisted devices have been reported:
Therefore I am forc't [to] use the onely succedaneum [alternative], my owne reiterated self, expecting thence half a freind, such as it is".