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Porem, as vezes, Joao Grilo da um "jeitinho" que o deixa subverter esta ordem.
Nessa esteira, o 'velho' da propaganda esta autorizado a subverter as regras do jogo, pois por ter atingido a maturidade ja nao esta mais sujeito a destemperanca do sexo, sabe controlar seus desejos, mostrando dominio de si.
Charlotte Rittenmeyer is the subverter here, an artist of the grotesque on the margins of society in every way: a Modernist Hester Prynne.
McKillip herself is not an obvious subverter of gender norms (compared to, say, Emma Donoghue in her Kissing the Witch, 1997) although feminist readings of her work include essays by Christine Mains and Sharon Emmerich, the latter previously published in this journal.
As a 'subverter of the law' Socrates expects his ideas about justice and virtue to be met with ridicule or outright hostility: "[A]ll patriotic citizens will cast an evil eye upon you as a subverter of the laws, and you will confirm in the minds of the judges the justice of their own condemnation of you.
A content distributor can play with mixing up these roles a little, borrowing a bit from the Locksmiths, acting as something of a Subverter, and adding a touch of Explorer.
The principal conceptual thread that holds this interesting book together--in its journey through various cultural domains--is that of Satan imagined as disembodied tempter and subverter.
Her thesis is that Milton is a subverter of "the hierarchical discourse of patriarchal Christianity" (14).
Toward the end of The Screwtape Letters, for example, the satanic subverter resorts to his most radical subterfuge.
The Internet is often presented as a "democratizing" force, a subverter of hierarchies of power and privilege.
It has been observed, however, that "[i]n most of Mann's works music figures as a subverter of all order, social and moral, [as] a sensuously alluring embodiment of all the blandishments of decay and death" (Beddow 9).
This appearance realigns the oppositions in the poem, pitting the Poet and Wanderer, as questers after meaning, against the Solitary as a subverter of meaning.
It is a last effort to write poetry in the old style, by the subverter of the old style.
We have thus far viewed Du Bois the novelist as an expert subverter of genre and text.
What posture should industrial engineers take to face these new challenges--the embracer, subverter, or ambivalent bystander?