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disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior

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The witches' subversiveness seems safely contained by the end, however, when men are firmly 'back on top', (27) with the witches arrested, all spells cancelled, and Whetstone excluded.
Similarly, some will raise objections that, in mounting a critique of BDSM's subversiveness dressed in the language of academic theory and from the subject position of an anthropologist (albeit a 'queer, SM-friendly', non-BDSM-practicing one), Weiss downplays the degree to which committed BDSM participants are already aware of, and working through, the problems she highlights regarding the proximity and inextricability of fantasy, SM play, and real instances of social injustice.
criticism of Iran's human rights record, its sponsorship of Persian language media broadcasts such as Voice of America, and the power of Hollywood are all symbols of America's cultural-cum-political subversiveness.
Is Frame, in other words, indeed valorizing a beyond that would be transcendental or is it the case that her enactments, in writing Plato against himself, posit something of, as Cronin intuits, "a subversiveness beyond what we've formerly imaged" (138)?
3) On the historical subversiveness of social dance, see Susan McClary (30-33), Paul Gilroy (210), and Gilbert and Pearson (179-84).
This construction and utilization of various personae, evident in her writing, allows Parsons to challenge boundaries, which Morton remarks is a characteristic that "many women of the period display" and links to "the subversiveness of Gothic" (35).
The subversiveness so prevalent in the other works is quietly nuanced in Chalmers' clay and mixed media tableaux.
He explores the extent to which texts that emerged from a social, republican tradition in France have become absorbed within a liberal field of reception in a manner that eliminates their ideological subversiveness.
the plain people of Ireland') by calling it 'post-revisionist' or by linking it to postcolonial studies in other parts of the world; but this cannot conceal its similarity to old-school nationalist history-writing, with its 'rah-team-rah' celebration of all that appears subversively anti-English in Irish culture, and its tendency to define Irish culture mainly by the criterion of anti-English subversiveness.
Even if they don't get that we're riffing on children's television, they get the subversiveness of these childlike puppets doing what they do.
A commercially calculated grab for a slice of the "Twilight" pie, this adaptation of Rachel Klein's young-adult vampire novel feels all the more disappointingly tame coming from writer-director Mary Harron, bringing none of her usual subversiveness to bear on the story's shopworn gothic and Sapphic overtones.
As Jacob Bronowski observed more than half a century ago, the enterprise of science requires the adoption of certain values: Truth, honor, teamwork, constructive subversiveness, engagement with the other, freedom, imagination, and a method for the arbitration of disputes.
The mystery of this most recent production, however, is that it stars British actors who, through no fault of their own, have but little understanding of the perilously fine line between satire and subversiveness in the Bulgaria of 1974.
ON HIP HOP YOGA: Hip Hop helped me to deal with overwhelming feelings, like anger, passion, like aloofness, like subversiveness.
Similarities between the drama's unnamed priest and its hard-drinking, money-seeking, and ritual- and curse-performing Mary Byme--the suggestively named mother of the reluctant tinker groom--may imply that tinker-like subversiveness has utility for the late-imperial Irish.