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Synonyms for subversive

Synonyms for subversive

in opposition to a civil authority or government

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REs provide increased recovery during treatment, slow fading due to stable sulfides (which also act as nuclei for graphite) and neutralize subversive elements.
In the last chapter of Subversive Sites, the authors characterize law as an important site for discursive struggle and empowerment.
Clearly, The Subversive Psyche has several research themes.
I'd like Hard C to be a modern day National Lampoon -- a name that is immediately recognized as a standard for unique subversive comedy," Reitman says.
Mr Al Aradi said that parliament has a responsibility to protect national interests, citizens, traders, security forces and civil society from any subversive trends seeking to undermine security and destabilise the country.
India in an abortive attempt to divert the world attention from the brutal acts of the occupying Indian forces in held Kashmir had been sponsoring subversive activities in Pakistan, he remarked.
In "The Subversive Utopia: Louis Kahn and the Question of the National Jewish Style in Jerusalem", Professor Sakr draws upon his years of experience and expertise to present a landmark study of exceptionally informed and seminal scholarship that is very highly recommended for professional and academic library Architectural Studies reference collections in general, and the history of Jerusalem architecture supplemental studies reading lists in particular.
He added that terrorists involved in these subversive activities deserve no sympathy.
Summary: President Michel Sleiman Tuesday praised the Army's breakup of a subversive cell within its ranks that had plotted to attack military bases.
Amadou said that the comments were "subversive and unfortunate" and that all former close aides to the slain ruler who had taken refuge in Niger "must abstain from all agitation, all subversive behavior.
Summary: Sanaa, July 11, 2010, SPA -- Subversive groups fired automatic rifles last night on the airport point located in Wadi District, Marib Governorate, Yemen.
Work Title: Rebels Wit Attitude: Subversive Rock Humorists
MERSEYSIDE folk god Alun Parry has come up with a new showcase for protest songs and subversive songwriters.
SUBVERSIVE SEAMSTER: TRANSFORM THRIFT STORE THREADS INTO STREET CULTURE as for any sewer who has patterns and methods down--and wants to move beyond them into the world of altering and enhancing existing offerings.
Wilfred Cantwell Smith, author of Islam in Modern History, concluded that "there is very little in twentieth-century Islam not foreshadowed in Afghani"--particularly the development of self-replicating subversive and terrorist networks built on the cell model: small, compartmentalized groups under strict hierarchical discipline.