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guarantee financial support of

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Consumer originations were up 36 percent year-over-year, excluding GM lease and subvented originations.
Severely disabled who are queuing for hostels' or care homes' subvented residential care services, those assessed to be eligible for the service or who are attending special schools, are eligible users.
It appears that the council subvented (subsidised) the Labour Party Spring Conference 2002 to the tune of pounds 109,500 which covers venue hire and street dressing.
First published by the Wedgestone Press, apparently the financial and administrative pressures that require scholarly editions to be subvented by government and foundation grants have necessitated that, beginning with the eighth volume, the correspondence be distributed by the University of Kansas Press and the Wedgestone Press handle the printing.
Excluding GM lease and subvented originations, consumer auto originations increased 36 percent year-over-year.
6) to establish a quota system for employing persons with disabilities and provide minimum wage subsidies; the Government and subvented organisations should take the lead in employing more persons with disabilities, with 2% as the target rate, and disclose by various departments and organisations their status on employment of persons with disabilities; other larger-scale public organisations such as the MTR Corporation Limited and the Airport Authority, etc.
Lease volume declined from prior quarters as a result of GM's previously announced decision to offer subvented leasing exclusively through its captive financing company for Buick and GMC vehicles beginning in February, Cadillac vehicles beginning in March, and Chevrolet vehicles effective in April.
To this end, we have adopted an integrated approach by launching a programme to convert 75 subvented elderly homes to provide a continuum of care.
In January, GM announced to its dealers that it would begin to offer subvented leasing for Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles exclusively through its captive financing company.
The Training Subsidy for Children on the Waiting List of Subvented Pre-school Rehabilitation Services will continue providing subsidised training services for existing beneficiaries, and invite a new round of applications from today.
Growth in these channels has largely offset lower subvented volumes.
And private establishment and subvented establishments owed GHAo 82 Million and 23.
Growth in these channels partially offset lower subvented volumes mostly as the result of the loss of Ally's subvented business from Chrysler.
Today RBC also announced it has entered into an agreement with General Motors of Canada to become a provider for its subvented business upon close of the transaction.
6 billion for the quarter, despite intense competition and lower subvented volumes.