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guarantee financial support of

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Furthermore, there may be institutional constraints on the salary structure, as in the civil service and many public or subvented organizations.
In this case, we are consolidating multiple departmental functions and housing a subvented program in leased space,'' the report said.
Massification has brought a sharp increase in the amount of recurrent grants for government subvented universities in Hong Kong since the early 1990s.
It appears that the council subvented (subsidised) the Labour Party Spring Conference 2002 to the tune of pounds 109,500 which covers venue hire and street dressing.
On top of that, automakers are giving customers rebates, cheap loan rates or subvented lease deals, which promise to flood the used-car market and create future losses for the manufacturers.
There arc not enough resources to support the privately run homes, which outnumber the subvented ones.
A wide range of subvented community, secondary, and tertiary hospitals, as well as private hospitals offer health care services to suit varying demands and incomes.
The Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) was established in 1989 by the Hong Kong Government, as an independent subvented organization, to undertake third party certification under a registration scheme based on ISO 9000 standards.
First published by the Wedgestone Press, apparently the financial and administrative pressures that require scholarly editions to be subvented by government and foundation grants have necessitated that, beginning with the eighth volume, the correspondence be distributed by the University of Kansas Press and the Wedgestone Press handle the printing.
Loans restructured on account of natural calamities are also available for the first year at the subvented rate of 7%.
But Saturn sells just over 300,000 units a year and when the original models got stale even Saturn had to bend the rules and offer subvented leases.
private hospitals and subvented hospitals under the control of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority.
The Task Force on Review of Self-financing Post-secondary Education will consider the overall role and function of the self-financing post-secondary education sector in serving the long term education and manpower needs of Hong Kong; and review major issues of concern pertinent to the ecology of the self-financing sector, including the role of the self-financing operation of subvented institutions vis--vis self-financing post-secondary institutions, and the future development of sub-degree programmes.
while the nta intends to acquire single deck regional commuter buses from the successful tenderer who is awarded the framework agreement, it intends to provide those vehicles to the operators of subvented public transport services, known as public service obligation services, to operate in the performance of those services.