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surrounded by many suburbs

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Louis region suburbanized, these suburban commuters began increasingly to work outside the city limits in addition to living outside them.
Producers' market has been undergoing huge changes as formerly rural areas have become suburbanized.
Set in a suburbanized background where the social system is comparatively backward, the plot of this film involves stock characters dealing with lower middleclass family problems.
After World War II, the Y increasingly suburbanized.
At the same time that religious vocations plummeted--leaving the schools without a dedicated cohort of priests, brothers, and nuns who worked in the schools for next to nothing--the Catholic families who built and supported the schools we study suburbanized.
As the United States industrialized and suburbanized, consumers became a powerful voice for reforming an out-of-touch "laissez-faire" approach.
While the new Chinatown continues to exist today, the post-1965 Chinese immigrants began to be suburbanized, primarily moving to the San Gabriel Valley.
Although Roskies arrived at this movement, which looked to reinvigorare American Judaism through the incorporation of Judaic and countercultural elements, from a unique psychological place, he was attracted to its Utopian quest for meaning and its willingness to incorporate Yiddish culture into a new Judaism meant to replace an increasingly suburbanized and bland American Judaism.
My lot - which abuts undeveloped acreage - may appear fully suburbanized, but it serves as an oasis for rabbits, bees, skunks, raccoons, coyotes, gophers, snakes, bees, owls and birds of every kind.
The un detectable concentration of Cd and Cr in all investigated herbs may be due to a low soil content of Cd in suburbanized areas in Jordan or due to cultivation these herbs in locations free off industrial activities such as steel and glass industries that have been shown to be a source of chromium pollution (33,34).
The subject area was a former naturally occurring forest of tall pines that had, over the years, become suburbanized.
But, while they and other radical Muslims around the world may hate Americans, it is hard to imagine a more Americanized, suburbanized immigrant subculture than Muslim immigrants in the US.
Moreover, this is not an exclusive American preference, as European cities also have suburbanized, and their suburbs, indicates urban historian Peter Hall, are "almost indistinguishable" from those in the U.
However, as urban areas suburbanized and spread outward in the second half of the 20th century, traditional patterns shifted.