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Its population, like that of many other suburban counties, has exploded in the last five years.
7 million gallons of retail propane sales to Suburban Propane Partners' operations in Florida.
Since the Chevrolet Suburban Carryall founded the SUV segment in 1935, the brand has been known for designing, engineering and building great SUVs.
Suburban newspapers in Australia are frequently derided as 'local rags', their news values supposedly corrupted by advertising and their appearance in letterboxes an episodic irritant for many households.
com)-- The RE/MAX Northern Illinois real estate network recently presented honors to the RE/MAX Suburban organization and three of its associates.
Total collections for suburban office complexes nationwide in 2007 dipped less than 1% from 2006 levels to $19.
Nationally, class-A vacancy rates increased half a percentage point in both downtown and suburban markets--from 12.
They shouldn't forget the parents who overwhelmingly voted to raise their own taxes to better fund their district in south suburban Phoenix.
Every other story line rates a ``C,'' at best, focusing on horribly cliched members of a bored suburban community.
Other gays and lesbians are moving in around Navetta and Medeiros, and they're turning what once was a straight, conservative suburban neighborhood into what some affectionately call a "gayborhood.
That decrease has only been offset by the tendency of higher-income families, both black and white, to move to suburban communities with more family-friendly schools and safer environments.
The suburban migration of immigrants, many of whom were Latino and Asian, accompanied a concomitant increase in the rate of African American suburbanization.
Robert Lewis and eight contributors have produced a fairly loose collection of essays oriented toward the common theme of industrial development in suburban contexts, from the perspective of historical urban geography.
Well, we're actually fans of Eminem, so we did this song as an affectionate commentary on the whole phenomenon of the suburban homeboy--on those that try to adopt the black hip-hop approach into their white, suburban lifestyle.
The presumption that suburban schools have less disorder and delinquency than their urban counterparts is incorrect, maintains a study from the Manhattan (N.