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a subordinate treasury or place of deposit

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Speech on the Subtreasury, Springfield, Illinois, December 26, 1839.
Publicly tarred as "excrescences on the body politic" by radicals and now denied, by the Subtreasury plan, a free rein to capriciously create credit, manipulate the value of currency, and personally profit from investment of government funds, Bank partisans, unmediated by any democratic restraints, lashed out publicly at the Subtreasury plan with their own plan of political blackmail.
Subtreasury vaults for holding government funds formally lingered on until 1921, when the Federal Reserve System superseded them, but none of the motivating hard-money features remained.
The Populists' subtreasury plan was a democratization of the money supply in that it raised corn to the status of U.
I use the subtreasury plan of the Populists of the 1880s and 1890s to explain their orientation.
In 1941 he edited with his wife A Subtreasury of American Humor.
In 1941 the Whites compiled A Subtreasury of American Humor.
Pacific Heritage Museum, 608 Commercial Street, resides in the historic Old San Francisco Subtreasury (now the Bank of Canton of California).
Tenders are invited for maintenance to the ei in subtreasury, ranni-perunad
Macune saw cooperatives and the subtreasury plan as a way to release farmers from their economic feudalism.