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the number to be subtracted from the minuend

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The proposed amendments to the Code would involve the creation of a new gain basis to be used as the subtrahend in the computation of gain on the sale of depreciable property.
epsilon] Five units Table 3 Item Implementation Addition By juxtaposition Subtraction Dot over the subtrahend Multiplication bha after factors to be multiplied Square root ka Unknown y[bar.
The number removed from the minuend is called the subtrahend.
In a vertical format, a zero in the ones or tens place of the subtrahend, or bottom number, means that there is nothing to take away and leaves some students wondering what to do.
20 She gives an example of a situation in which teachers said that "because the digit at the ones column of the minuend is smaller than that of the subtrahend, the former should borrow a ten from the tens column and turn it into ten ones.
As soon as the remainder (5 in this case) is smaller than the subtrahend, multiply that remainder by 60 and add it to the fractional part of the complement (42 in this case):
e](v) is complete and the subtrahend removes all the nonimmediate supertypes of v resulting in a complete set of direct supertypes P(v).
Subtract, then, from every period of 49 years, one as the representative of the Sabbatical year, that will give you 40 for a subtrahend; and next subtract, on account of every great Sabbatical year, (namely, every 490th year), one also, and that will give you an additional subtrahend of 4, as there are four such periods of 490 years.
Subtrahend was exhibited in a group show at the John Weber Gallery, along with works by Andre, Nancy Holt, Hans Haacke, and Mary Obering.
Special needs children (aged 8-12) with difficulty in subtraction problems up to 100 with the ones-digit subtrahend being larger than the ones digit in the minuend have benefitted from using dynamic virtual manipulative (Peltenburg, van den-Heuvel-Panhuizen & Doig, 2009).
I then added the subtrahend as a point on the number line and asked, "What if we started with 4689 from the problem and added 4000 to it?
Conversely, although in the computation of Recapture Income, the same adjusted basis is utilized as the subtrahend, in arriving at the recomputed basis, the minuend of the formula only depreciation deductions actually claimed are added to the adjusted basis.
As the student types the minuend of a subtraction problem, boxes on the number line automatically turn yellow to represent the quantity; as the student types the subtrahend, black Xs are drawn through yellow boxes to represent the removal of that quantity.
Neither Jane nor Emma was successful in completing the subtraction examples, when employing wholistic, because of lack of understanding of the effect of changing the subtrahend.
The player with four cards subtracts the three-digit number, or subtrahend, from the four-digit number, or minuend.