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constituting or involving subtraction


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Fonon Corporation is the recognized leader of industrial-grade 3D Additive and Subtractive laser-based material processing systems.
The full line of Endoskeleton devices features Titan Spine's proprietary implant surface technology, consisting of a unique combination of roughened topographies at the macro, micro, and cellular levels created by a subtractive process.
With the 2006 EU introduction of a specific mannoprotein MP40, (5) which inhibits bitartrate nucleation in a non subtractive manner, a new paradigm was established for KHT stabilization.
According to Roese (1994, 1997), counterfactual thinking can be classified as direction (up or down), as structure (additive, subtractive or substitute) and as function (preparatory and affective).
Hybrid manufacturing has the potential to deliver benefits to manufacturers by integrating additive and subtractive processes on a single motion platform to create a system of greater capability and versatility than either process alone.
Roland DGA (Irvine, CA) has announced the monoFab series, including the company's first additive 3D printer, the ARM-10, and a new compact 3D subtractive milling machine, the SRM-20.
In some studies it was proposed that a subtractive score and a measure of effects on self be entered into models simultaneously (Lee & Tamborini, 2005).
In addition, printed electronics' additive processes often have fewer steps, simplifying manufacturing, and they eliminate the need for harsh etches and other materials used in subtractive processes, reducing environmental concerns and minimizing the time spent on regulatory documentation.
To satisfy the robustness requirement of fault identifying method, subtractive clustering is integrated with SVM to propose a novel model.
Scientists are told to no longer refer to "serial analysis of gene expression" and "suppression subtractive hybridization".
In subtractive sequencing, investigators can subtract human RNA, leaving thousands of nonhuman, possibly disease-causing, RNAs.
When they mix we see brown, the colour we see is what's left after other wavelengths have been taken away so this is known as subtractive colour mixing.
About 120 selected and peer-reviewed papers cover cutting and non-traditional material subtractive processes, abrasive machining, micro/nano-fabrication, material forming processes, computer-aided techniques for materials processing, analytical and numerical methods for materials processing, materials performance enhancement and properties, and developments in design and measurement.
In the present study, we constructed subtractive cDNA library with urine exfoliated cells to screen differentially expressed genes in patients with BTCC and to identify some urine markers for BTCC.
A number of major theories such as L1-L2 interdependency, critical period hypothesis, and additive and subtractive bilingualism will be explored to substantiate weak and strong forms of bilingual education.