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constituting or involving subtraction


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Subtractive techniques require the removal of material from a solid object, which can be difficult or impossible to do if the model has intricate designs.
STAR sees the Subtractive CNC element of AddSub as being ideal for mating faces, precision bores, tapped holes, spigots and other very necessary high-precision features, and feels AddSub is likely to be of particular use to the motor-sport, aerospace, military, medical and dental fields.
Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) is a process who transforms 3-D digital models content into physical objects.
Another adaptation was to use the additive as well as the subtractive method.
More than the projects and identities that always separate and isolate, subtractive being makes visible a solidarity of being that would otherwise be nothing more than a metaphysical speculation.
Viewers can research the latest Roland technology for wide-format inkjet printing, cutting, engraving, 3D scanning and milling for applications ranging from sign making, vehicle wraps, apparel decoration and label production to package prototyping, personalization of awards and gifts, industrial marking, subtractive rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and jewelry design.
Within the project, Delcam will work with GKN Aerospace on an integrated solution to combine additive and subtractive technologies seamlessly.
CBCT), Digital Impression, Restoration Design, Surgical Guide Templates in Implant Surgery, Image-Guided Implant Surgery, Computer-Assisted Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery manufacturing, Additive & Subtractive manufacturing and other CAD/CAM technologies in China.
Coverage includes gene expression and its control; isolation and analysis of RNA; hybridization-based methods for measuring transcript levels; PCR-based methods for measuring transcript levels; differential display, subtractive hybridization, amplification suppression and SAGE techniques for measuring gene expression; measuring using reporter gene assays; analysis of the proteome; and statistical analysis of gene expression data.
In addition to pigments, a chapter on the science of color reviews the role of light, additive and subtractive phenomena, and how the primary colors vary between the two systems.
Other techniques include subtractive, additive and templates cut from manila folders.
The point of reference for Balenciaga is almost invariably a curvilinear architecture, whereas James builds up in an additive rather than a subtractive way.
The DWX-30 is Roland's newest compact CNC milling machine built on more than 20 years of experience in subtractive rapid prototyping (SRP) technology," said Pedro Gonzalez, product manager for Roland.
Jewellers will be able to compare the results from both additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, and subtractive manufacturing by visiting the Delcam booth, B6682, at the JCK exhibition in Las Vegas from 30th May to 2nd June.
ShopBot's subtractive digital fabrication tools, working across a range of sizes, deliver the power, precision and reliability of digital tools traditionally costing thousands of dollars more.