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the sum of part of a group of numbers

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Keywords: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy; Subtotal cholecystectomy; Adhesions; Cholecystitis; Callot's triangle.
By default, the Subtotal dialog assumes that you're adding subtotals whenever the value in column A changes.
5-1%) following subtotal thyroidectomy are similar to those following total thyroidectomy.
Those between 20-39% were accepted as partial, between 40-59% subtotal, and over 60% were classified as having total pneumothorax.
In the resulting Subtotal dialog box, select options to Sum data for each employee for each weekday and the total column, then click OK.
During the past few years taking the clue from the Open Subtotal Cholecystectomy the laparoscopic surgeons started its laparoscopic version which was proved to be safer than the open subtotal cholecystectomy.
Half of the patient underwent Subtotal thyroidectomy--250 patients with BMNG (group 1) and the other half total thyroidectomy--250 (Group 2) (Table 1).
Subtotal revenue excluded both realized and unrealized gains and losses on invested assets.
In the past total thyroidectomy seemed to be an extensive procedure for benign thyroid disease and was considered to have a greater complication rate when compared with subtotal resections.
00 Subtotal (Hourly Workforce) 27 Supervisors (Salaried Yearly) 3 $85,000.
1 The Police Acts 1 Legal 1 2 Profession Total No of 13 53 584 Cases 0 Table 2: Citations in Reported Cases in the Supreme Court of Queensland Dates from 1905- 05 15 25 35 45 2005 Total No of Cases 34 31 34 23 30 Total No of Judgments 66 84 84 52 77 HIGH COURT 1903-1919 13 47 16 10 1920-1939 16 11 21 1940-1959 10 1960-1979 1980-1999 2000- Subtotal 13 63 27 41 Ave per case 2.
There are four combinations of the fives in threes to total 15, which gives the player another subtotal of eight points.
barras Adubacao 3x HM Tp75cv+carreta A4--Colheita Colheita HM Tp75cv+carreta Subtotal A B- Operacoes manuais B/I Contratada--Variavel B1- Preparo do solo Loc.
The finding, published in May by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international group that evaluates medical research, contradicts beliefs that subtotal hysterectomy, in which the cervix is left intact, is preferable or necessary for pelvic function.
Sale price Property rights conveyed Fee simple Subtotal Sales or financing concessions Cash to seller Subtotal Conditions of sale Arm's length Subtotal Expenditures immediately after sale Assume none Subtotal Date of sale--market conditions Today 4.