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Their top 10 of words that deserve to be used more often is: caterwaul (howling or wailing noise), concinnity (harmonious arrangement or fitting together), flapdoodle (nonsense), knavery (roguish act), melange (mixture), obambulate (to walk about), opsimath (a person who studies late in life), philistine (hostile to culture and the arts), rapscallion (rascal) and subtopia (unsightly suburb and development).
His second novel, Subtopia (Vulgar Press, 2005), developed this tension in a more contemporary setting: Melbourne's southeastern suburbs in the 1970s and 80s.
While in Newcastle at the weekend it seems the council developers are turning parts of the city into lumps of ugly concrete which they call "modern architecture" but in reality can be best described as subtopia.
Yet Blaydon council developers, better known as opportunists, replaced Blaydon heritage with `modern architecture' but in reality it can be described as subtopia.
At last we are away westwards down a long straight dual carriageway, through miles of subtopia complete with shop-parades, tyre dumps, small factories and all the other features of the suburbs of all modern cities.
Proposals for densification or adopting urban housing models are understandably slow to take root and have yet to make any discernible impact on the relentless march of subtopia.