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  • verb

Synonyms for subtilize

mark fine distinctions and subtleties, as among words

make more subtle or refined

make (senses) more keen


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One work of history can challenge or even refute another, or it can add, refine or subtilize it.
And whether such works convey luminosity and quietude or bustle and obscurity, they can deepen and subtilize our appreciation of and embeddedness in the world around us.
This listening, this responsiveness, this questioning, though inaudible directly, is felt like a touch that enlivens and subtilizes, as it calls in question, the more heavily masculine expressiveness which forges impulsion into image and thrust into rhythm.
because their sense of the past is of a timeless, yet habitable, moment, the New World owes them more than it does those who wrestle with the past, for their veneration subtilizes an arrogance which is tougher than violent rejection.
All this I do inside me, in the huge court of my memory," Augustine says, continuing the archaeological model for memory; but within a few lines he subtilizes and modulates this description until, almost imperceptibly, he comes to be employing a processual model for memory which plays itself out in temporal rather than spatial metaphors.