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near but not precisely at an end

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Forewing ground color white; costal margin smooth, dark brown; barely falcated at apex; subbasal fascia gray and weakly marked; antemedial fascia light color and broad; medial fascia dark color and very broad; postmedial fascia dark color, broad and slight excurved in middle; subterminal fascia slender,; cilia medium-long, dark gray.
Black head surmounted by a large blue periorbital patch, olive-gray crown, and rufous nape; body feathers above and below with large black subterminal spots edged cinnamon-buff; and a blackish-brown tail 2 Pithys Monomorphic.
The grains are moved from the satellite elevators to the subterminal elevators mostly by truck transport because of the short hauling distance.
The first important difference is that we find evidence for the existence of a small rostral area anterior to the subterminal mouth.
Life colours: Male: colour variable, often pale yellow with deep red to dark brown band from nape to caudal fin, band then narrowing, turning and running anteriorly, becoming more dark reddish towards anterior part of head and joining band from opposite side, forming reddish mask over front of head; underside of head white; caudal fin pinkish proximally surrounding a U-shaped band, distal to pinkish area is dark red semicircle, with red lobe tips and subterminal pale blue stripes; dorsal fin reddish distally, pale pink proximally; pectoral fin rays and pelvic fins lavender or reddish to red; anal fin with leading edge pale blue, white distally, pinkish proximally with posterior reddish blotch.
Male styles have four spines, 2 terminal and 2 subterminal and with a short stout aedagus (45).
The bacilli may form oval, central to subterminal spores, which do not swell the outlines of the bacillus when cultured aerobically without carbon dioxide.
compactum presented a foliaceous body, slightly concave in the ventral face and with a small conical segment in the posterior region; a small subterminal oral sucker, two lateral pseudosuckers in the anterior region; oval pharynx, short esophagus, intestinal caeca ending near the posterior region; oval holdfast (tribocytic organ).
The pallid shiner, Hybopsis amnis (Hubbs & Greene) is a slender, slightly compressed minnow of moderate size with a subterminal and horizontal mouth.
Budding type Position of bud Terminal Any of the two polar ends Subterminal Skewed away from polar end Bipolar/Multipolar/ Random Both polar ends plus any other position Table 3: Distribution of budding types among Candida species Candida species Distribution (%) of budding types Terminal Subterminal Bipolar/ Multipolar /Random C.
Rostrum with nearly straight lateral margins; distolateral tooth of antennal scale small, but distinctly separated from lamella by V-shaped notch; plumose seta-like structures present on ventral surfaces of scaphognathite of maxilla and caridean lobe of first maxilliped; appendix masculina only with terminal or subterminal spines C.
Preliminary evidence indicated significant lauric acid subterminal hydroxylation, specifically [omega]-2, [omega]-5, and [omega]-6 by both human liver male and female pooled microsomes, with only female microsomes catalyzing [omega]-1 while products of [omega]-3, [omega]-5, and [omega]-6 were produced by human recombinant CYP4A11.
1G) Endites separated by shallow notch and with multiple setae; bilobed epipod; endopod 4-segmented with 6, 3, 3, 4 setae; exopod with 14 plumose natatory setae; terminal segment with 3 terminal spines and 1 subterminal spine.
Cytohistological zonation is interpreted in terms of a distal axial zone, the metrameristem; a peripheral zone, the flanking meristem; and a subterminal axial zone, the rib meristem.