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be opposite to


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A plex reticle subtending 6 inches at 100 yards brackets a buck's body at 250 yards, about as far as most "pilgrims" from back East could reliably hit a pronghorn, and the plex reticle on the 3-9X scope I used on my backup rifle just happened to subtend 6 inches when set on 6X.
One of the salient features that distinguishes the coward from the stranger resides in the growing recognition of a psychic wound that subtends his existence.
The outside diameter of the circle subtends 18 inches (width of a man's shoulders) at 100 yards.
This leads him to consider English common law, the American Revolution, the Civil War, Ancient Greek philosophy, and Supreme Court cases that subtend American gun laws.
The simplest way to design holdover and ranging bars is to space the bars so they subtend some constant dimension at 100 yards.
As in most Alismataceae it bears bracts in pseudowhorls of three, and all bracts (except the very first) subtend lateral buds.
Instead of each bar subtending 2" at 100 yards, they subtend 3.
As for her treatment of the "emergence" of the author and the tricky question of subjectivity (especially female subjectivity), more direct engagement might have brought these issues to greater prominence, since they subtend, for Tylus and for the writers she discusses, the overarching trope of umbrageous vulnerability.
In either case, one would need to consider the social politics of this mapping procedure, taking care to cast a cold eye on the Utopian claims about online social media, which all too often subtend net-based forms of power.
Consequently, Barre can exploit this figure/ground relationship without the attendant conjuring of illusionistic play, and without recourse to depth--either the pictorial effect or the metaphysics routinely assumed to subtend it.
This means 1 milliradian will subtend a 1-meter target at 1,000 meters (or a 1-yard target at 1,000 yards, a 1' target at 1,000', you get the picture).
The Jewish general, writing from the comforts of Rome after his defeat by or surrender to the Roman army, meticulously applied rhetorical devices and consciously allowed the penetration of emotions to his historical writing, she argues, thus creating highly-charged accounts whose themes and rhetorical tricks often seem to subtend the particular story of Herod to more universal interests.
We are now delivering TDM, voice, and telemetry services from our fibre backbone, and extending the use of the product to subtend service pops for new and existing customers throughout the country.
If a scope has hash marks on the reticle, it is important to know how many inches or MOA they subtend at 100 yards if used for long-range shooting instead of dialing the elevation turret.