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be opposite to


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As we fly a normal, constant-angle approach to the touchdown point, the runway will appear to grow in length because the visual angle it subtends onto the back of our eye increases.
A plex reticle subtending 6 inches at 100 yards brackets a buck's body at 250 yards, about as far as most "pilgrims" from back East could reliably hit a pronghorn, and the plex reticle on the 3-9X scope I used on my backup rifle just happened to subtend 6 inches when set on 6X.
The outside diameter of the circle subtends 18 inches (width of a man's shoulders) at 100 yards.
Aside from the problem noted initially, that most Canadians have not visited the scenes depicted in the paintings they enjoy perceptually as depicting those particular scenes, the depicted rocks and trees have shapes that subtend quite different solid angles from those subtended by actual trees and rocks, shapes that we would describe as highly indeterminate.
Donato argues that the impossibility of representation to achieve an identity with the event subtends literature and the proper name.
I have used Nightforces' NP-R2 Reticle for simplicity because their bars subtend the same amount from bar to bar.
Biro employs this section to make the case that these other media subtend the development of the image of the cyborg in their photomontages.
The circumcircle of CDE is of course the locus of the points which subtend the same angle to CD.
The interrelated phenomena of the deffence et illustration of the French language and the desire for self-knowledge through contemplation of the body subtend the analysis of the body's different depictions within the themes of creation and anatomy, health and disease, religion, and beauty.
You must know how much space the stadia lines (or cross hair) subtend at a given power setting and distance--and how big the animal is.
This leads him to consider English common law, the American Revolution, the Civil War, Ancient Greek philosophy, and Supreme Court cases that subtend American gun laws.
As in most Alismataceae it bears bracts in pseudowhorls of three, and all bracts (except the very first) subtend lateral buds.
If a scope has hash marks on the reticle, it is important to know how many inches or MOA they subtend at 100 yards if used for long-range shooting instead of dialing the elevation turret.
The space between the two bottom aiming points is set to subtend a target of seven inches at 300 yards, about the size of a standing adult prairie dog.
As for her treatment of the "emergence" of the author and the tricky question of subjectivity (especially female subjectivity), more direct engagement might have brought these issues to greater prominence, since they subtend, for Tylus and for the writers she discusses, the overarching trope of umbrageous vulnerability.