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beneath the surface

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On a 165-acre parcel of land in Weld County, donated by 70 Ranch, LLC, scientists from Colorado State University will examine using subsurface drip irrigation on crops commonly grown in Colorado and the impact of drought-like situations on crops irrigated with subsurface irrigation systems.
The Navy's new subsurface vessel will be ready and launched soon to enhance the Army's power," Salehi told reporters in the Southern province of Bushehr.
As COMESA's Strategic Partner, Paradigm said its software solutions will allow COMESA to address diverse geophysical and geologic (G&G) subsurface challenges in its clients' exploration programmes.
These risks can range from project delays to damaged subsurface utilities to explosions that threaten below- and above-ground infrastructure as well as human life.
Response to the Hidden Nature of Subsurface Resource Pools:
Said Pierson, "We are pleased to have the Subsurface Group as part of Parsons Brinckerhoff.
Reliable hazard mapping, especially for detailed civil engineering studies, cannot rely solely on a limited source of information; other techniques are thus required for accurate measurement Subsurface voids represent disturbances of the close subsurface layered system in karst areas; such disturbances can be identified using geophysical techniques.
Andy Inglis, chief executive, Petrofac IES commented, "Petrofac has always sought to partner selectively with companies that enable us to enhance our service offering to customers, and with Schlumberger we are able to combine our capabilities with those of a world leader in the subsurface domain with an unrivalled track record for technological innovation.
RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) volunteers from the Subsurface Group paid a special visit recently to the Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care at their fun day.
London, July 4 (ANI): A new study has warned that as the ocean's subsurface layers warm, it will melt the underwater portions of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets faster than expected.
In particular, there are open questions about whether subsurface hydraulic fracturing of a natural gas well that extends into another's property constitutes a trespass for which the value of gas drained as a result of the fracturing may be recovered as damages and/or injunctive relief.
The situation is more complicated for subsurface projects potentially affecting a variety of people, and this book describes in detail contractual and insurance arrangements for handling all aspects of a project.
Nitrate-N is a highly soluble mobile anion and moves freely with the soil water and can be lost easily via subsurface drainage water (Baker et al.
Field studies on subsurface drain plots commonly exhibit spikes in contaminant concentrations when rainfall events occur shortly after manure, fertilizer, or pesticide applications.
The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled that subsurface limestone was included in the meaning of land under the tax code and therefore subject to property taxation.