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Real estate company Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co (NYSE:CTO) announced on Saturday that about 38,750 acres of subsurface interests in Osceola County, Florida, was sold for an estimated USD2.
The acquisition of the Subsurface Laboratory assets is consistent with ConocoPhillips' 2016 decision to decommission the Subsurface component of its Bartlesville labs.
This doctoral thesis studies the surface and subsurface water runoff flow systems of a poorly gauged coastal catchment in southwestern Nicaragua under variable humid tropical hydro-climatic conditions.
The Navy's new subsurface vessel will be ready and launched soon to enhance the Army's power," Salehi told reporters in the Southern province of Bushehr.
These risks can range from project delays to damaged subsurface utilities to explosions that threaten below- and above-ground infrastructure as well as human life.
And for Bentley Systems, with our portfolio spanning building, civil, geospatial, and plant domains, it's a particular priority - as all infrastructure projects are impacted by subsurface conditions, restrictions, and requirements.
Conventional Views of the Law of Subsurface Resource Pools:
Earlier publications have shown that direct geophysical methods should be used to validate these findings; however, such methods of wide-scale subsurface detection can be prohibitively expensive.
Subsurface Group is a professional consulting and engineering firm providing services in underground injection, underground storage, specialty wells, petroleum and natural resources, and environmental science.
In its 2012 fiscal year, the 37-person Subsurface Group had revenues of approximately $50 million.
Karst voids are often a major engineering risk associated with construction in areas underlain by carbonate rocks Several problems are associated with subsurface karstic voids, such as road and highway subsidence, building foundation collapse and dam leakage Large void formation in a karst environment may lead to sudden and catastrophic pavement failure, whilst fine particles' slow migration from the sub-base may cause gradual ground subsidence Any of the above situations in a karst environment can be expensive for engineering structure design Boring within karst areas often does not meet areas of concern in the subsurface Mislaid borings can provide insufficient data and can misrepresent the subsurface system.
Andy Inglis, chief executive, Petrofac IES commented, "Petrofac has always sought to partner selectively with companies that enable us to enhance our service offering to customers, and with Schlumberger we are able to combine our capabilities with those of a world leader in the subsurface domain with an unrivalled track record for technological innovation.
RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) volunteers from the Subsurface Group paid a special visit recently to the Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care at their fun day.
Slight subsurface warming can cause ice shelf collapse: Small rises in subsurface water temperature can lead to the rapid collapse of ice shelves, according to a new study.