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Synonyms for subsumption

the premise of a syllogism that contains the minor term (which is the subject of the conclusion)

incorporating something under a more general category

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Certainly Tennyson's poem captures patriarchy at its most strategically subsumptive, for the Prince seems effectively to embrace the Princess' own ideals, stating "The woman's cause is man's" (VII.
Practical judgment is therefore neither subsumptive nor reflective.
And any theory that allows subsumptive arguments will satisfy this requirement.
Rodney Brooks of MIT has pioneered the hardware realization of these ideas by applying his own concepts of subsumptive architectures (cooperative hierarchical structures) to create very capable robots.
148-154) that there is in that theory a special species of statistical explanation which is neither subsumptive under a generality as advocated classically by Hume and Hempel nor explicitly causal but rather "transcendental".
For a detailed study of the nature of Kant's logic as subordinative rather than subsumptive Coy contrast with Wolff), see Beatrice Longuenesse, Le Pouvoir de juger (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1993); and for a study showing this to have been a feature common to the thought of the major philosophers of the seventeenth century, see Jean-Claude Pariente, L'Analyse du langage a Port-Royal.