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the basic structure or features of a system or organization

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This led to Engineer Procure and Construction (EPC) phases for the initial development and included the Arup concrete gravity substructure (CGS) solution.
of excavation took place, including rock blasting, for the substructure pit.
We chose the length of the substructure (55 mm) according to the length of the prosthesis and designed the width (8 mm) and the thickness (from 3.
In order to model the mechanical behaviour of such a variety of heterogeneous materials, the substructure has to be simplified.
Since the nucleation of the twin-oriented domains takes place at the growth front of the crystal, the formation of the twin substructure is possible only if the grain growth takes place in the <111>crystallographic direction.
MSE) to undertake construction of a 40-story-high substructure at its Helang Gas Field off Sarawak, a Malaysian state on Borneo Island.
Following the award of the turnkey contract for the substructure of the wind turbine in May 2008, Technip's operating center in Oslo, Norway, performed the project management and installation engineering.
Project Description : The bridge is in a fair condition however requires a significant upgrage of the substructure and new surface material.
4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Arup, a multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firm with a reputation for delivering innovative and sustainable designs, announced today that it completed the substructure detailed design of the Malampaya Depletion Compression Platform, a new offshore natural gas platform to be installed in the West Philippine Sea off the coast of Palawan, Philippines.
Consequently, the change in conditions of formation of condensates can be accompanied by the change not only in sizes of microstructural elements, but also in characteristics of their substructure.
Over the past five years, the City has invested approximately $60 million restoring the building's exterior and stabilizing its substructure.
Among the major themes are dark matter in galaxies, mass substructure from gravitational lensing, and tidal streams and the disruption of satellite galaxies.
TERRART-LARGE, TERRART-MID, TERRART-SHINGEL and TERRART SOLID, the patented TERRART-FLEX substructure allows the facades to be integrated into a range of traditional and modern wall constructions, with dimensions, colours, surface structures and glazes all subject to the architect and client's approval.
The mold substructure is also adjustable and permanently mounted.
Technip (Paris:TEC) (ISIN:FR0000131708) has been awarded by StatoilHydro an engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) contract for the Hywind project substructure wind turbine which will be located offshore Karmoy, Norway, at a water depth of 200-220 meter.