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a subsidiary station where electricity is transformed for distribution by a low-voltage network

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Global Modular Substation Market is projected to witness high growth on account of aging infrastructure requiring replacement & refurbishment and increasing T&D network expansions.
The substation at Sheraton parking is constructed underground as per the latest safety specifications.
ABB's solution includes gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) and hybrid technologies, control and protection equipment, auxiliary systems, and substation automation equipment compliant with the international IEC61850 standard for remote monitoring.
Dewa has extended underground cables by 400 metres and connected them with the main 132/11 kV transformation substation in The Greens area and the main 400/132 kV transformation substation in Al Barsha area.
EVN employees replaced a safety fuse in a Burgas electrical substation around 1:11 am on Tuesday, as EVN had received a call from local residents that smoke was coming out of it.
Electricity from 160 wind turbines, due to be built and fully operational by 2014, will be fed into this substation and then along undersea cables to land.
This project underlines our continuing efforts in Iraq, including Mosul 400/132/33kV GIS substation and Khairat & Nainawa GTTP 400/132kV exit substations won last year,' he stated.
The substation cost Dh120 million and the laying of 132kV ground cables was valued at Dh130 million.
The substation was built with 132kV ground cables to meet an increasing demand for electricity.
Retrofitting involves installation of modernised communication protocols, IEDs, and operating standards, to established substation designs.
Tokyo, Apr 2, 2010 - (JCN) - Sumitomo Corporation and Japan AE Power Systems Corporation have recently received four orders for Engineering, Procurement and Erection of a Substation, amounting to about 6 billion yen, from the Electricity & Water Authority ("EWA") and private companies in Bahrain.
Alfanar was recently awarded two major substation contracts -- the construction of the Jizan 380/132/13.
I WRITE in answer to John Smith's letter (Viewpoints, July 2) on the subject of the redundant substation on the corner of James Street and Adelaide Street.
6m) substation, dedicated entirely to providing electricity to its landmark $3 billion BFH project, will start this month.
An electrical substation has hugged the river, next to the Eugene Water & Electric Board steam plant, since the 1920s.