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However, large trials studying the effects of vitamin D supplementation on substantiative neonatal and maternal outcomes and comparing different dosage schedules should be conducted in order to clarify further the role of vitamin D supplementation.
Substantiative mathematical learning occurs when students experience conflict with their previous ways of knowing (Wood, 1996).
But the FSA and HMRC might be waiting to see more substantiative approaches before fully developing the rules," Garnsworthy said.
Many herbal drugs are used without the substantiative kinetic data.
What I am surprised at is so far we've had no substantiative dialogue about the resolution.
With the recent creation of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services within the Department of Homeland Security, both substantiative and procedural immigration law will continue to evolve.
While corporate management despairs of any substantiative change for the better in government policy, one has to wonder where their shareholders and boards of directors were when the major banks destroyed trillions of yen of market capitalization and the major debt-ridden retailers and construction firms drove the price of their stock from the thousands of yen to essentially "penny stock" levels.