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The court stated that if the cost of these studies proves to be prohibitive, then a company can choose to make claims that require a lower level of substantiation (i.
Customers should expect to see the substantiation statements on the websites of these businesses after 18 August.
170(f)(8) provides for more stringent substantiation requirements than those of Sec.
Obviously care must be taken in answering a substantiation notice as providing false or misleading information is a contravention of the TPA which entitles the ACCC to issue an infringement notices or take court action, exposing corporations to pecuniary penalties of up to $16,500 and individuals to $3,300.
In Notice 2009-46 issued June 5, the Service requested comments on three new proposed methods that would simplify the substantiation requirements for employee use of employer-provided cell phones.
The FTC's Advertising Substantiation Program, launched in 1971, focused on deterring companies from making claims that could not be substantiated.
The Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation was passed this recently by the European Parliament and John Bowis had a number of amendments accepted to make the regulation more workable including scientific substantiation, endorsements by health and medical bodies and charities, disclosure and transition periods.
Substantiation of the cost basis of each asset and a reconciliation of the total costs.
According to the current legislation, the unique thing about HSAs is that there is no substantiation requirement for them and that would make use of the card much more convenient," said Brad Utoft, vice president, product manager, group health products, for Mutual of Omaha.
The researchers also found that states where investigators handle only elder abuse cases had a nearly 50% substantiation ratio compared to 34% where investigators handle both child and elder abuse cases.
In its policy statement on advertising substantiation, the FTC notes that when advertisers make an objective claim about a product or service, they must have support for such claims; otherwise, those assertions would be considered unfair and deceptive acts or practices.
In addition, permitting the charitable contribution deduction for non-itemizers will add significant complexity by subjecting non-itemizers to substantiation requirements and increasing the IRS's audit burden.
Armed Services Center for Research of Unit Records which also is the source for substantiation of veteran's claims of herbicide contact.
Pursuant to NAD/National Advertising Review Board procedures, the advertiser was notified in December that this was not a substantive response to NAD's inquiry and was given an additional 15 days within which to produce substantiation for the challenged claims.
Other elements crucial to her argument are presented without convincing substantiation.