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the quality of being substantial or having substance

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196) The Seventh Circuit further noted that when the Supreme Court interpreted the term "direct" in the FSIA, it adopted the immediate consequence definition only after refusing to impute unexpressed substantiality and foreseeability requirements onto the definition of "direct.
This strategy of non-inclusion worked so effectively since the underprivileged were categorized as of a lesser substantiality not only on political, but in the first place, on racial grounds.
But courts explicitly impose the requirement of substantiality in cases involving adverse allergic reactions.
In the early 1960s, the Supreme Court shifted its focus in free-exercise cases away from the purpose of contested regulations to the substantiality of the effects they created.
Catalonian poet Angelina Llongueras also lends her 'distant' voice to the substantiality of the cause ''To cross the mountains And reach the sea''.
704-1(b)(2)(iii)(e) provided a de minimis rule under which, for purposes of applying the substantiality rules, the tax attributes of de minimis partners need not be taken into account.
Leve has described his work as literary cubism, where the agglomeration of declaratives is analogous to the perspectival planes; but whereas cubism remains an idealism, a method of approaching an object whose transcendent substantiality is never questioned, Leves refusal to impose order on his sentences calls into question any possibility of a unifying principle.
This would suggest that the substantiality of Concord parking meters' receipts is because of that city, as opposed to Worcester, not having any problem getting people to come downtown.
It is the largest fraud ever to be investigated by North Wales Police by a considerable margin in terms of value, complexity and substantiality.
Within that chapter Aristotle argues that if a definition is a principle of both the unity and the substantiality of a living substance, such a principle is to be found in the differentia expressed in a definition, taking the form genus + differentia.
4) The factors most often considered include: (i) the frequency and continuity of sales; (ii) whether subdivision has occurred; (iii) the extent of sales activity; (iv) the length of time the property was held; (v) the substantiality of income derived from sales; (vi) the nature of the taxpayer's business; (vii) the taxpayer's initial purpose in acquiring the property; and (viii) whether the property was listed for sale using brokers.
The substantiality of contributions reflected is a mix of originative and innovative scientists who has devoted their life in the field of endocrinology and metabolic diseases.
Experts say it's Cuba's newest, most efficient power facility--and is located close and conveniently enough to Holguin's nickel-producing region to save substantiality on electric transmission costs.
As to the third factor--"the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole" (201)--one commentator suggests that most samples are found to be qualitatively substantial, otherwise they would not have been sampled in the first place.
80) Yet, a crucial element in this case was that the proper licensing of the sound recording allowed the court to focus on the substantiality of the use of the musical composition.