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Some contend that terms such as substance abuser, drug abuser, and alcohol abuser are pejorative and/or imprecise and therefore not useful (Kelly 2004; Miller, 2006).
Thus, it is important for researchers and clinicians to consider the mental health problems of both the primary substance abuser and their intimate partner.
The therapist's goal is to get the substance abuser into treatment.
It was hypothesized that there would be a significant difference among wives of substance abusers and non-substance abusers men on the variables of somatic complaints, anxiety, social dysfunction, depression, anger and hostility.
Officially, it is often acknowledged that coercing substance abusers to treatment means violating their civil rights and personal autonomy, and that the ethical legitimacy of Swedish coercive care relies on its ability to produce positive outcomes (e.
For example, a decision to no longer provide financial subsistence to a loved one not only sets a limit, but is also an example of applying the first skill as the family member begins to detach from the problem by allowing the substance abuser to be fully responsible for his or her own problems and needs.
Unfortunately, a pre-existing bias regarding motivation of substance abusers is reflected in a belief that resistance and denial are endemic in these individuals.
The documentary "Numero Bruno" portrays the late actor-musician Bruno Lawrence as "an unabashed womanizer and substance abuser," though paradoxically "a family man.
Belfast boy Barry Kelly, aged just 11, was said to have been a substance abuser who sniffed too much.
Since alcohol and most narcotics contain mood-altering chemicals, a substance abuser with SCI/D can experience reduced mental alertness, difficulty in concentrating, loss of memory, and low self-esteem.
50) From a self-reliance perspective, the group-home model relies less on the help of trained professionals, thereby decreasing the recovering addict's role as a patient; it focuses on normalization rather than on deviance; and it provides a recovering substance abuser with the opportunity to obtain greater control over his or her own environment.
Implications for camp: At one time or another, every camp has had in its midst, a child of a substance abuser (COSA).
London, July 27 ( ANI ): Amanda Bynes' parents have claimed that the troubled star is a substance abuser, who has spent 1.
The significant other had to be a first-degree relative and had to be in contact with the substance abuser at least 40% of the time.
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