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If you cover up their poor actions, personality changes and crimes by shoving it under the rug, having your friends in the legal system go easy on the substance abuser or have them join the military you might as well just hand them the next hit and that one could be the fatal one.
Thus, it is important for researchers and clinicians to consider the mental health problems of both the primary substance abuser and their intimate partner.
The therapist's goal is to get the substance abuser into treatment.
For example, a decision to no longer provide financial subsistence to a loved one not only sets a limit, but is also an example of applying the first skill as the family member begins to detach from the problem by allowing the substance abuser to be fully responsible for his or her own problems and needs.
Unfortunately, a pre-existing bias regarding motivation of substance abusers is reflected in a belief that resistance and denial are endemic in these individuals.
Children of substance abusers tend to learn and follow unwritten rules to "don't talk, don't feel, and don't trust.
London, July 27 ( ANI ): Amanda Bynes' parents have claimed that the troubled star is a substance abuser, who has spent 1.
A former prostitute and substance abuser, this lawyer and, author has built her career around helping others find the courage to be who and what they want to be
Because the support in drug court is directed at the substance abuser, it may be more effective in helping the women get through the program than the support of family and economic systems.
Belfast boy Barry Kelly, aged just 11, was said to have been a substance abuser who sniffed too much.
Now divorced a second time, Kim brands the star a cheating substance abuser whose ego spiralled out of control when he found fame.
Standard treatments for the 10% of Americans who are diagnosed as having substance abuser disorders often do not address the chronic nature of these disorders.
It's not surprising they would also gravitate to someone, subconsciously, that would also be a substance abuser.
A substance abuser is not necessarily a crackhead hanging out at a crack house or a wino passed out in an alley.
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