substance abuse

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The addition of this housing unit augments the Departments current efforts to fight substance abuse.
Njapa offers medical-based substance abuse treatment in conjunction with traditional rehabilitation.
The ACP's recommendations address the growing rates of opioid addiction, as well as the financial burden of substance abuse on the medical system.
Working out at a gym, doing volunteer work or spending time with friends and family members you know don't have substance abuse problems are ways to cope, SAMHSA says.
Substance abuse continues to be one of the most prevalent public health issues in the United States.
Mental health and/or substance abuse-related visits were two and a half times more likely to result in hospital admission than visits not involving mental disorders and/or substance abuse.
However, if the coercive power of the criminal justice system could be combined with drug treatment, this combination might be an effective strategy for reducing substance abuse, drug-related crime, and incarceration rates among low-level, nonviolent repeat offenders.
My own experience confirms this: If an employee asks a recovering co-worker for help with a substance abuse problem and the co-worker refers the employee to the EAP, the likelihood of the employee making an EAP appointment increases.
Fifty-six percent of the high schools surveyed indicated that they provided some type of substance abuse counseling to their students, but it is not clear whether the school personnel described above have the training to effectively provide such services.
This white paper was developed by SAMHSA's Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.
They are pessimistic about treatment outcomes with substance abusers and stereotype them, and as a result are negative regarding substance abuse treatment, are not particularly interested in working with substance abuse clients, and avoid working with them (Amodeo & Fassler, 2000; Stein, 2003).
Numerous authors who are well-versed in specific areas of research and/or delivery of substance abuse treatment contributed to this work.
A statewide study says adolescent and teen substance abuse remains low, but local experts fear the trend is moving in the opposite direction in the Santa Clarita Valley.
In the past, professionals treating adolescents have lacked standardized care approaches and clinical guidelines addressing treatment of youths diagnosed with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders.
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