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a space that is contained within another space

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If the subspace predictor matrices are calculated, Equation (13) can be used as the prediction model of the process.
In the test stage, a query face image of unknown blur kernel is compared to each subspace and the closest subspace provides its corresponding blur kernel by which restoration is completed.
Critical role, which is in subspace methods as the eigenvalues are used to scale and extract features that is called eigenspectrum of the face training data.
alpha]] is open in the subspace ([mathematical expression not reproducible]) for every e [member of] E.
In these subspaces, samples which are projected to the subspace can be maximally classified, that is, different types of training samples after projected can have a minimum inner-class distance and a maximum inter-class distance.
Assume that the join subspace consists of n segments, [R.
In Section 2, we show that for any complete probability measure space ([OMEGA], A, [mu]) and for any subspace Y [subset or equal to] X, Y has property (*) in X implies that the space of Bochner integrable functions [L.
In this section, the newly developed technique for TPA is explained with the concept of the subspace.
In Section 3, we review the minimum residual Krylov subspace method GMRES as well as two GMRES variants, one for shifted linear systems and the other extending GMRES to the augmented Krylov subspace setting, i.
Another contribution is the application of practical subspace identification to vehicle modeling.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 4, 2015-Box to Acquire Subspace Cloud Security Startup
Then (F, A) is called a multi-soft subspace of (if, B) if
So when it's creating its data clusters, it has to balance three sometimes-competing objectives: similarity to prototype, subspace size, and clear demarcations between clusters.
After winning Sing Egyptian Women, Malek El-Husseiny went to work sharpening her song writing skills at the independent record label Subspace
Multilinear Subspace Learning: Dimensionality Reduction of Multidimensional Data