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the layer of soil between the topsoil and bedrock


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Similar changes occurred within the subsoil and again all changes were identified as significant (P<0.
The document also said the bottom and subsoil of the Caspian Sea are delimited between the parties along the line, which is based on the median line taking into account the principles and norms of international law, as well as the parties' agreement.
Zilaliyev also reported to the President on execution of obligations of the tender-winning company in using Jerooy subsoil and the plans of the investor regarding the deposit's development.
outlines Uzbek's governing bodies, governing laws, mine licenses, rights and obligations, key fiscal terms which includes Subsoil use tax, Excess profit tax, Bonus Corporate Tax, Real property tax, Withholding tax, Depreciation, Losses Carried Forward and VAT.
The subsoil should provide a structure which is able to support the topsoil while having enough fissures within it to allow for good drainage of the soil.
For the analysis of deformation and stress of cylindrical tank in the contact with the above mentioned subsoil models, software created by authors as well as the ANSYS (2009) and NEXIS software (2006) systems were used.
Carl Zeiss and Ingrain will provide core characterisation for the ANH to gain critical knowledge of select regions of the Colombian subsoil and its potential for hydrocarbon extraction.
We also wanted to see how quickly the wood breaks down in the subsoil.
As a result, many of the soils used to grow grain in Australia contain in their subsoil layers (defined here as deeper than 0.
Consequently, the characteristics of subsoil could be different from those of the surface layer.
The pavement was constructed in 1980 and during these years the filled material had moved with the subsoil water.
New York) was separated from compacted clay loam subsoil by a woven geotextile in 102-liter containers.
As stated in the section above, the Subsoil Law was passed in
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors says subsidence, caused by the loss of water from shrinkable subsoil, brought about by a period of high temperatures and low rainfall, is a major threat to houses built with shallow foundations.
You can plough at any depth too - even when you're down to clay subsoil.