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Synonyms for subsistence

Synonyms for subsistence

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minimal (or marginal) resources for subsisting

a means of surviving

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the state of existing in reality

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Malik Nadeem Kamran said that deserving persons can contact District Zakat Officer, helpline or focal person at the headquarters office in case of any problem in receiving subsistence allowance.
In December 2014, compared to the previous month, the subsistence minimum has increased by 1.
Mr Nuttall, North West MEP, claimed the daily subsistence allowance just 30 times in 2012 and has donated PS12,400 to UKIP since election in 2009, according to the Electoral Commission.
Our teammates around the world, from Afghanistan to Europe and here in Philadelphia have been working hard with our Subsistence Prime Vendor to ensure we get a traditional American Christmas meal out to the troops.
Chief, Subsistence Customer Support Division, DLA Troop Support
Last year, an average of 14,000 subsistence benefit applications were satisfied in Estonia every month.
More than 30 councillors made no claims for subsistence, mileage or fares.
09, on travel and subsistence, and general administration.
He claimed for travelling expenses between the two cities and for night subsistence to cover being in London, she said.
The principal argument of this volume is that the economy of ancient Israel, as reflected through animal husbandry, was self-sufficient, managed conservatively and based around a survival subsistence strategy in contradistinction to a market economy.
The new system replaces separate allowances which were previously claimable for overnight subsistence, day subsistence and office costs.
Alan Thompson, and subsistence supply chain officials, to visit with representatives of the agency's new subsistence prime vendor.
Lord Taylor of Warwick is alleged to have dishonestly claimed more than pounds 24,300 in overnight subsistence and mileage claims.
02 a month for his mortgage interest bill, but pounds 2,100 for subsistence, which covers food costs.
02 for his mortgage interest bill a month, but pounds 2,100 for subsistence - which covers food costs.