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Synonyms for subsistence

Synonyms for subsistence

Words related to subsistence

minimal (or marginal) resources for subsisting

a means of surviving

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the state of existing in reality

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Most important, we can also see that subsistence production is contributing to a non-competitive, solidarity-centered mode of life that is crucial for the building of a new society.
Currently, the Alaska Constitution guarantees all residents of the state equal access to fish and game resources, while federal law gives a harvest priority to subsistence users in rural areas.
Always Getting Ready, Upterrlainarluta: Yup'ik Eskimo Subsistence in Southwest Alaska by James H.
Cash counted in Regular Military Compensation comes in three flavors: basic pay, basic allowances for housing, and basic allowances for subsistence, the latter two of which are not taxed.
4] The results of the 1982 study showed a strong and consistent pattern of class stratification across the region: a small sector of landholding households highly integrated into commercial agriculture, a large group of households confined in varying degrees to subsistence cultivation of staple crops of corn and beans, and the landless.
The biggest in Kyrgyzstan's region minimum subsistence level was in Jalal-Abad region- 5,200 som and Osh city - 5,100 som.
Established a fleet-wide 14-day battle menu, derived from the existing 21-day Navy Standard Core Menu, that emphasizes shelf stable products, incorporates scratch cooking methodologies, and consolidates the total number of supporting subsistence line items to optimize the range and depth of Military Sealift Command (MSC) inventory.
In the town of Paracale, 5,000 subsistence miners and their families were affected by the CDO, said Gil Salen, municipal planning and development coordinator.
3) Title VIII is administered largely through authority delegated by the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture to the Federal Subsistence Board (FSB).
Subsistence farmers: Prime Minister asks ministry to devise plan for credit line National Food Security Ministry has been recently by directed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to come up with Integrated Rural Development Plan for building affordable credit line for subsistence farmers through formal financial institutions.
To evaluate how new road access might affect subsistence harvest, we used zero inflated negative binomial models to identify factors related to subsistence production at the household level.
Moreover subsistence allowance has also been increased owing to it numbers of beneficiaries would enhance up to one lak 27 thousands from existing 95 thousands.
Moreover subsistence allowance has also been increased owing to its numbers of beneficiaries would enhance up to Rs 127,000 from existing 95,000.
As the official inspection team has followed up with the relevant sites, it found that the company did not respect the codes in place to house the labor workers as per the contractual obligations It has been noticed that there has been a huge shortage in subsistence and health services due to the expiration of the health insurance of the workers and the maintenance and cleaning in these compounds.
The most highly paid members were Councillor Mike James, the authority's chairman, whose senior salary was PS12,300, and who claimed PS2,061 in travel and subsistence.