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someone who assists or supports by giving a subsidy

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Arab countries are still challenged by a demographic boom, which cannot be appropriately responded to without the states stabilizer role as a last resort of employer, subsidizer and provider.
Responding to the discussion, Erik Hurst agreed with Blinder that the way to frame the subsidy issue was to say that there are costs as well as benefits from subsidization, and one of the aims of the paper was to point out that the net costs could be substantial, especially if the targeted firms do not respond in the way the subsidizer had hoped.
9) Mississippi's American Family Organization spent another $140,000 as the sole subsidizer of a group called Iowa for Freedom, and three other groups combined to contribute a total of $170,000 to anti-retention efforts.
American producers are subsidized up to 50% of world prices, with China the next highest subsidizer, at 20% of world prices.
The same sources said that Director General of Qatar Foundation for Human Trafficking Combating Maryam Al-Maliki will submit during the meeting a report on the role of Qatar as subsidizer and financer of the above-mentioned initiative in addition to a report presented by the Norwegian delegate on the role of his country in offering financial support to the Arab initiative.
Ultimately, the subsidizer might pronounce those dreadfully enslaving words, "You now work for me.
And with tourism down, nickel prices down, and last year's tobacco crop flattened-and with Venezuela, Cuba's most important regional ally and budget subsidizer, reeling from the drop in oil prices-Havana's sources of cash are not keeping up with its mounting debt.
On the contrary, the world's largest subsidizer is the EU, followed by the United States, with Japan a distant third.
Advertising has played a significant-and lucrative--role for digital journalism, often serving as its sole subsidizer.
for members of the target company such as those in the board of directors and the shareholders to discuss activities such as the large-scale purchasing of shares or for the board of directors of the target company to propose alternatives, and those which require negotiations with the subsidizer for producing conditions that are more beneficial than those which have been indicated by the subsidizer.
Meanwhile, the three film industry guilds, repping actors, producers and crew members, have been appealing to the government to keep the 40-year-old film subsidizer CNAC as the leading indie film body.
87) As in its role as recruiter and subsidizer of wet nursing arrangements, in providing an institutional imprimatur for informal fostering, the Casa de Huerfanos again served to buttress practices of child circulation.
Hamburgh Productions was created to represent and market the whimsical, colorful work of Todd Warner, a top-selling sculptor of the company's subsidizer, Galleria di Sorrento in Las Vegas.
Microcredit, the Article has suggested, can be seen either as a means to include everyone, an extension of the market, or else as the subsidizer of faux markets to provide a remedy for failure by the real markets.
It would require reform of the inefficient state banking system, long the subsidizer of stagnant state-owned enterprises.