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money (or other benefits) obtained as a subsidy

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Further analysis has shown that the essence of the problems posed by Chinese competition on the EU market lies in the subsidisation of the mobile telecommunications networks.
Miners' across the country downed tools in March 1984 following a revelation by the National Coal Board that - in order to rationalise Government subsidisation of industry - it intended to close 20 coal mines which were seen as being crucial to their communities.
Most racecourses exist on the back of interest-free loans from the Levy Board, that effectively means subsidisation by the industry as a whole.
Subsidisation has been prohibited by the WTO and Brazil maintains that changes made to Canada`s TPC programme do not go far enough towards stopping subsidies.
The Moroccan government adopted a partial index-linking system for the prices of liquid petroleum products, as part of reforms to the Subsidisation Fund.
Usaasa will get R220m for the subsidisation of the set-top boxes to allow the poor to receive digital television.
A big problem faced by the fertilisers industry has been a massive subsidisation by the state.
A big problem faced by the fertiliser industry has been a massive subsidisation by the state.
Subsidisation of oil products for the domestic market is to be reduced in a gradual process.
And subsidisation has encouraged cross-border smuggling on a grand scale, estimated at about 100,000 b/d in the 1990s.