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Immigration policy looms largest at the moment because of Europe's refugee crisis, but in the longer term, constitutional issues - sovereignty and subsidiarity - will matter most.
That separation, however, is a misreading of the Catholic understanding of subsidiarity, said Stephen Schneck, director of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at The Catholic University of America.
This paper argues that if one looks for the historical seed of the principle of subsidiarity in Aristotle--as many authors do--then attention should fall more properly on his analysis of practical reasoning in book 6 of the Nicomachean Ethics than on book 1 of the Politics.
Problems of subsidiarity not only develop through usurpation, but also through default.
The principle of subsidiarity proposes a set of criteria to know who must be responsible for what in which circumstances.
Regions and subsidiarity in the European Union: A look at the role of the Spanish and other regional parliaments in the monitoring of compliance with the principle of subsidiarity.
The debate focused on current issues important for the future of the European Union, such as the European security and defense policy, subsidiarity and solidarity, the economic prospects through the prism of budget policies and the role of culture in European integration and the EU's foreign relations.
S view is that Vatican II, in the 1960s under Pope John tried to change all this, with a more "collegial" approach, basically giving bishops more power - vis a vis the Vatican - a kind of subsidiarity.
In an era of reduced resources but escalating need, acute attention to accountability, and a sudden affection for subsidiarity, SIBs offer a novel way to finance promising if unproven efforts to respond to nagging social ills--and the thousands of personal calamities they represent--like recidivism, homelessness, and drug addiction.
Subsidiarity, Scruton continues, places an absolute brake upon centralizing powers, by permitting their involvement only when requested".
Lord Roper, chairman of the House of Lords European Union committee, said that the directive contradicted the principle of subsidiarity, which requires decisions to be made at a national level if possible.
At the Conference, the Bulgarian representative emphasized the importance of the national parliaments in the EU legislation process in exercising control on implementing the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality.
As part of the first Macedonian Chairmanship's priority "Strengthening human rights protection" the conference organized in Skopje on 1 and 2 October 2010 on the principle of subsidiarity focused on this very important legal principle which presents the essence of the functioning of the control system of the European Convention on Human Rights.