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Synonyms for subsidiary

Synonyms for subsidiary

giving or able to give help or support

a local unit of a business or an auxiliary controlled by such a business

Synonyms for subsidiary

an assistant subject to the authority or control of another

a company that is completely controlled by another company

Related Words

functioning in a supporting capacity

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The right wing parties did not want the state to be held as subsidiarily responsible, and the left wing parties were concerned by limits that would be imposed to that obligation in order to protect the state's budget.
It follows that the rules and regulations of FIFA shall apply primarily and Swiss law shall apply subsidiarily.
He said that when we focus upon a concept or a thing (for example, a visual image), that thing or concept acquires its explicit shape or meaning only because we are simultaneously subsidiarily aware (through our indwelling) of its parts, which we tacitly integrate into the focal image.
By fixing our attention on a focus in which we are subsidiarily aware of the data by which the solution of a problem is determined, we form a conception of this solution.
A limitative white list (31) enumerated some licensing arrangements, which typically are found in license agreements, and which, if not innocent anyway, were exempted subsidiarily, and regardless of whether the agreement is for an exclusive or a simple license.
Practical questions connected with the setting up of the representations will be regulated subsidiarily.
785, 830 (1988) (arguing that the concept of erga omnes obligations "may subsidiarily support the right of all states to exercise universal jurisdiction over .
However, even with a high degree of mutual dependence, the nature of each structural level is such that there is a considerable transparency between levels, producing perceptions of musical structure comparable, for example, to the way multiple-voice counterpoint is often perceived by focussing on one or more voices while being subsidiarily aware of the other voices, the latter contributing to the harmony and rhythm of which the voices in focus are a part.
The administration of justice, subject to a substantial federalization in some federal polities, remains, for now, the preserve of the centre--another testament to Belgium's continuing reservations about wholesale subsidiarily.
While the European Union's institutions remain imperfect, subsidiarily has stemmed the seemingly automatic flow of decision-making power from national political systems to `Brussels'.
But they don't give us the kind of systematic thinking about subsidiarily that would enable us to differentiate exactly what should be determined by local authorities and what should be subjected to general laws.
Edward Gibson has written a most interesting book on conservatism in Argentina and, subsidiarily, in Latin America.