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a set whose members are members of another set

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In addition, the rules will provide a safe harbor that applies to dual-function software if a third-party subset cannot be identified, or to the remaining subset of dual-function computer software after the third-party subset has been identified (dual-function subset).
A subset A of a poset (S, [less than or equal to]) is said to be a down-set if s [member of] A whenever s [less than or equal to] a for s [member of] S, a [member of] A.
A subset A of a space (X, [lambda]) is said to be gJ[lambda]-closed if [c.
It is easily shown that the semi-open subsets of Fare the open subsets of Y along with {0,1} and {0,2}.
DF2 For t, t' [member of] T and s [member of] S, f [not subset or equal to] [bar.
m]) be the space of all compact and convex subsets of [R.
The semi-closure [3] of a subset A of X, denoted by sCl(A), is defined to be the intersection of all semi-closed sets containing A in X.
Effector T cells belonging to both subsets were found in invasive disease.
2]) every subset is closed and hence [alpha] g* closed.
Call a subset of X cocompact if its complement is compact.
By hypothesis, there exists a countable subset [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
At the trial's end, 5 of the 15 subjects on the 100-mg dose in the efficacy subset showed at least 15% improvement in 6-minute walk distance, with similar results for the other two efficacy criteria.
The error in B for each subset would be increased by [square root of N] but when the results are averaged over the N subsets, the value of B and the error in B would be the same as for the analysis of the complete data set.
It is in this third subset, usually representing 60% to 70% or more of all risks presented for assessment, where risk triage comes into play.