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in an obsequious manner

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His Eminence reiterated that the Sri Lankans carry a hidden treasure within them when they have consented to serve them subserviently with a view to earning their livelihood under reduced circumstances owing to economic pressures at home.
Nevertheless, CJR somehow subserviently pinned its hope on the Chinese elites (including CTC members) who would enlighten, instruct, mobilize, and lead both the middle class and the poor majority to someday complete the revolutionary cause (Kong, 2011).
The problem with this line of reasoning is that claiming griots might occasionally turn their skills against the wealthy admits their de facto position as subserviently aligned with power.
The neo-governmentalism approach should act subserviently to the neo-functionalism on economic and financial stages of integration.
in the dining room, where he attends subserviently to the needs of the adventurers, making clear his position within the hierarchies of age, class, and race: "They had luxuriated in the bath, and Solomon had prepared for them the banquet.
They were not "beseeching railroad managers" or, in other ways, behaving subserviently.
After his atypical star collaboration with Juliette Binoche, the perfs feel more subserviently integrated into the concept this time, although they're all accomplished, particularly Okuno's dryly quizzical sad-sack.
Addressing a public gathering in Rahimyar Khan, the PML-N leader lashed out at the ruling alliance for blatantly flouting the orders of the honourable courts as well as Prime Minister for so subserviently safeguarding Pakistans looted wealth deposited in Swiss banks.
In contrast, the new academic division of labor initiated with the Bologna reform and taken one step further by the "excellence initiative" has subserviently followed the U.
He went on to urge the police to "rise to the occasion and not to act subserviently to authority.
The animals inhabit a world where "Not one kneels to another nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago," and yet it is they that subserviently bring tokens back to the poet who "passed that way untold times ago.
One suspects that his wife, Duann, having left a professional career for a colony where women lived subserviently, would have much to contribute to this account of feeling alone.
That is, how it narrates into being as opposed to subserviently crystallizing a pre-existing world and character.
Imitation does not mean a simple copying, in which an identity or aspects of an identity are adopted uncritically or subserviently, and it does not (as Dasenbrock notes mimicry does) assume that the imitation is inferior to the original.