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in an obsequious manner

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He went on to urge the police to "rise to the occasion and not to act subserviently to authority.
One suspects that his wife, Duann, having left a professional career for a colony where women lived subserviently, would have much to contribute to this account of feeling alone.
That is, how it narrates into being as opposed to subserviently crystallizing a pre-existing world and character.
Imitation does not mean a simple copying, in which an identity or aspects of an identity are adopted uncritically or subserviently, and it does not (as Dasenbrock notes mimicry does) assume that the imitation is inferior to the original.
66) Fully dependent upon the state for financial support, they were subserviently positioned in relation to the state officials.
Before assuming that women can only work with "the language of men," either irrationally or subserviently, it might be useful to attend to the possibilities of rational discourse--critique--as manifested in an actual poetic practice of women which is not readily or obviously characterized as either "disordered" or "fragmentary," but, as Isobel Armstrong suggests, is more usefully seen as a form of thinking.
We, in turn, obey subserviently and in trepidation as we question their credentials and competence.
If you look at the video of that incident, he stood there subserviently, hands behind his back in front of the referee, praying he was not going to get a red card.
Although Rudd berated the Howard administration for subserviently following the United States, Rudd has nevertheless pledged that maintaining Australia's close ties with the United States will be central to his government's foreign policy.
armed forces were not fulfilling their responsibilities to the Constitution or their own brave fighting men and women by quietly and subserviently deferring to the civilian leadership.