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Synonyms for subservience

the condition of being something that is useful in reaching an end or carrying out a plan

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in a subservient state

abject or cringing submissiveness

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Unfortunately, he used a different standard here than in his letter to the Ephesians, and left generations of believers arguing whether subservience or mutuality best typify the Christian family.
This is not only damaging to the workforce but also fosters a culture of intimidation and subservience.
He focuses on humiliation as a tactic of inducing subservience that also has the tendency to provoke more radical reactions by the humiliated.
He tells the story of a female slave, connected to her owners by family ties, who protests against mistreatment and abandons her position of subservience just as the tides begin to turn.
Pro-Iran Maliki and Syria war risk fracturing Iraq Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki's drive to sideline the country's Arab Sunnites, his harassment of ethnic Kurds in autonomous Kurdistan, his subservience to Iran and his support of the Syrian regime risk fragmenting Iraq and embroiling Jordan.
IN TWO years' time the Scots will be asked the most important question in over three hundred years: do you want to pay the full market price for the right to wave your own flag and become a sovereign nation, divorced from the country that kept you in subservience and stole your oil?
This awful propensity to subservience, whether it be to royals or religion, must be mankind's worst trait.
The continued subservience of our political leaders to the US and its international instrumentalities betrays our freedom and sovereignty," they said.
A combination of wildcat strikes, secondary picketing, Labour Governments subservience to the unions allied to plain avarice brought about the destruction of our industrial base and has left us with a dilapidated dump of a once thriving city.
Al Yousif traces her journey to defiantly claim her own authentic voice in a world dominated by extreme views and the strict tribal code of female subservience.
Expressing deep disappointment at the present state of affairs during Sunday sermon in Bkirki today, the Patriarch stated that it would be rather impossible for the present momentum of subservience to potentates to continue unabated.
Qassem Suleimani, saying his remarks that south Lebanon fell under Iran's influence have confirmed Hezbollah's subservience to Iran.
In a statement, the Front said that the lack of official political will to confront the Israeli aggression against Palestinians in the Arab League is a blatant expression of the League's complete subservience to Israeli-US dictations.
The BHA, in its craven subservience to powerful owners, backs away from the only meaningful deterrent to breaking the rules, which is disqualification.
The problem with Amanda Knief's article is that she doesn't seem to realize that no one chooses subservience unless brainwashed or forced.