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Synonyms for subservience

the condition of being something that is useful in reaching an end or carrying out a plan

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in a subservient state

abject or cringing submissiveness

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After rejecting pleas from within its own membership that the Constitution acknowledge God Almighty or, at very least, recognize Europe's Christian heritage, EU leaders crafted into their document numerous declarations of subservience to a world government under the UN.
The local and European elections in June will be the first time that people in the North East can express their views on Blair's apparent subservience to Bush.
I know that many people are sceptical about closer co-operation with our European neighbours, but at least we can be equal partners in an open policy, rather than the current subservience to America, which is like being handcuffed to a bungee-jumper.
If Ken Whyte remains as editor, and is allowed to keep his stable of thoughtful columnists, there may yet be hope for Canadians who are all sick and tired of the media's previous 40-year long subservience to the Liberal left.
The pursuit of wisdom may free one from intellectual subservience to the half-truths, patriotic myths, and Noble Lies on which civil society and conventional morality rest, but that does not release one from obligations to one's fellow citizens.
Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, is the ultimate expression of individual moral subservience to God and the rule of law, as handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai thousands of years ago.
Yet her duties in the service of the Mahatma - cooking, cleaning, washing and drawing Gandhi's bath - echo women's traditional subservience to men.
Golinski notes that although subsequent historiography turned Butterfield's assertion of chemistry's immaturity on its head, historians still have simplified the relation between chemistry and natural philosophy by assigning to chemical practice a position of subservience and passivity regarding theoretical developments in contemporary metaphysics; chemistry had textual, linguistic, and rhetorical practices whose inertia was not immediately overridden by the new philosophy.
But we should remember that the values themselves will be much more popular if they're not mixed up with cultural or politica >;l subservience to the United States.
This is a President who demands subservience and is intolerant of critical views,' Arcega said.
Blinkered subservience to a flawed ideology favours no one.
Subservience to the state and capitalism is encouraged as our masochistic suffering and exploitation in this life will be rewarded in heaven above (honest).
But surely this is taking subservience to sponsors to extremes.
We now learn that, following the recent rioting in France and because of our subservience to the EU, we are required to pay pounds 85m to France to defray their recent riot costs.
Wood shows that slavery overshadowed their work, their families, and their religion, leading not to complete subservience but rather to their own systematic means of active and passive resistance from the outset of the slave economy.