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that these outputs are influenced by a potentially vast array of other "second level" brain-grounded neuroimmune representations that subserve credible evidence that the physical self is in danger and needs protecting; and 3.
As an outcome, the narrative text becomes, as Herman puts it, a "nested structure of actions" (Storytelling 40) in which "local textual choices subserve the more global purpose of narrative worldmaking, which are nested in turn in a still broader ecology of representational goals" (Ibid.
There is therefore no end to attempts to subserve us to some other nation's needs and aspirations.
Associate Justice Rufus Peckham, writing for the majority in a 5-4 ruling, stated that singling out bakers was "unreasonable, and entirely arbitrary" and "[gave] rise to at least a suspicion that there was some other motive dominating the legislature than the purpose to subserve the public health or welfare.
Korczak and colleagues (5) suggested that the areas that subserve emotional and cognitive functions have high insulin binding regions in the brain in turn, insulin-induced hypoglycemia may be associated with the neurocognitive deficits.
Because criminal laws in particular are intended to subserve the cause over several decades of generations.
The dynamics of higher-level processes--their rates of contextual and lower-level sampling, and intra-level activity--typically are slower than those of the lower-level processes which subserve them.
They studied the functional activity in neural circuits that subserve self-regulatory control in women with bulimia nervosa.
I do believe that such Western insistence on retaining its primacy in world affairs will be increasingly challenged by "outsider" countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America, which will set up coalitions to challenge Western domination and subserve their own interests.
Insiders point out that the Act under which HZL was set up states that the output of the mines in Rajasthan will be exploited to " subserve the common good".
So the central and most intrinsically interesting kind of psychology is the kind that Vitz says turns out really to be philosophy, which the disciplines of neuroscience, cognitive science, and tests and measurements subserve.
Vitamin D is an important pro-hormone which, besides playing important roles in calcium homeostasis and bone mineral metabolism, is now recognized to subserve a wide range of fundamental biological functions in cell differentiation, inhibition of cell growth as well as immune modulation.
Based on these results, we believe that the mid-DLPFC and the PMd serve a common purpose in both the lexical and periphrastic conditions whereas the VLPFC and the RLPFC subserve specific language-driven task demands.
Neither of these derive from nor subserve activities directed at a good life, but both are clearly rights.