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While the question of God's existence certainly cannot be answered by science, there is, nevertheless, a growing body of empirical evidence coming from neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, and related disciplines, suggesting to some the existence of underlying physiological mechanisms that subserve spirituality.
In fact many scientists feel that they subserve a bureaucratic agenda and procedures.
literature possesses the capacity to produce certain patterns of meaning and truths of their own which do not necessarily subserve claims of conventional history.
That it can err, subserve the ambitions, private interests, and vanity of those in power, is neither here nor there.
It also makes us aware of how "nature has been doubly otherized in modern thought," and therefore "the natural environment as empirical reality has been made to subserve human interests, and one of these interests has been to make it serve as a symbolic reinforcement made of the subservience of disempowered groups: nonwhites, women, and children" (Buell 21).
Whereas, in the typical Bollywood film, the most frequent narrative disruptions--the song-and-dance sequences--bear no direct relation to the story, Slumdog's narrative breaks subserve the game show storyline, in the sense that each of the main character's recollections provides him (and the viewer) with an answer to the question he faces.
And such exemption statutes must be construed in the light of the objects and purposes which they were designed to subserve.
The first language text would subserve the purpose of a convenient frame of references.
In the 1920s, for White and Clarke, this heritage--an America based on biblical Christianity--appeared to be in jeopardy as "Rome," "the arch foe of liberty," sought "to take the Bible, not only out of our public schools, but from our homes and churches" and "to wrench the government from the hands of Protestants and make it subserve the purposes of the Vatican.
Here, a female autobiography refuses to subserve open political goals of nationhood in favour of private experiences that are now insisting on forcing themselves as constituting the "political" content of autobiography.
Again, some parts subserve generation (GA I 1, 715a11-12), that is, some material causes have as their final cause an efficient cause.
Such brain banks subserve the function of evolving a database on standardized samples and also to carry out "question-directed" studies to find clinically translatable answers.
1997), which subserve reasoning, working memory, and problem solving (Oscar-Berman and Marinkovic 2007).
These include frontal-striatal-parietal neural networks, known to subserve the "holding on line" or capacitance function of working memory, while frontal-striatal-temporal neural networks play a key role in short-term memory acquisition.