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Synonyms for subsequent

Synonyms for subsequent

following something else in time

being or occurring in the time ahead

following one after another in an orderly pattern

Antonyms for subsequent

following in time or order

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The goal was to assess the impact of subsequent pregnancies on cardiometabolic risks.
Auditors can consider subsequent events implications throughout their fieldwork.
The Subsequent Offering Period expired, as scheduled, at 17:45 Dutch Time (11:45 New York Time) on 8 March 2011.
The participant may make a subsequent election to redirect that account to begin distribution later at retirement, or any other date at least 5 years out.
This differs slightly from the facts in Erickson Post; in the latter, the payment obligation existed until a subsequent event occurred (i.
It consisted of evaluation of instructional activities by the teacher and students, self-evaluation of learning activities, students' interests in the content of the lectures, usefulness of the activities for learning, learning self-efficacy for a subsequent course (post course), and free descriptions about the course.
Thus, for a taxpayer to currently deduct employment taxes on accrued vacation/bonus pay that is paid in the subsequent year, it must meet the all events test and economic performance must have occurred with respect to the liability.
In subsequent chapters, the emphasis is placed on bacterial pathogens; only 1 chapter is dedicated to viruses and none to eukaryotic pathogens (only the introductory paragraphs in chapter 1) or to nonpathogenic microorganisms of any kind.
Dietary factors, such as genistein and fat, that influence estrogen exposure to the fetus are related to subsequent cancer risk in several model systems.
Most women recover from peripartum cardiomyopathy--defined as heart failure of unknown etiology that develops during pregnancy or the postpartum period--but data on subsequent pregnancies are limited.
One of the most effective and commonly used preference defenses used by a vendor is the subsequent new value or subsequent advance rule, which excludes from recapture those payments to a vendor who subsequently extends goods or services (or credit for those goods or services) to the debtor.
This paper presents a detailed discussion of the technical aspects of the calibration process with emphasis on the definition of thc measurand, the conditions under which the calibration results are valid, and the subsequent use of the calibration results in measurement uncertainty statements.
Subsequent to TEI's submission, the IRS on August 19, 1999, promulgated proposed regulations interpreting the phrase "plan (or series of related transactions)" for purposes of section 355(e).
Rule 407 does not exclude all evidence of subsequent remedial measures.
The government contended that once the defendant emphatically stated he did not want a lawyer, the subsequent interrogation was lawful.