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Synonyms for subsequence

something that follows something else

following in time

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A compactness argument thus allows us to successively extract weakly convergent subsequences.
We then filtered reads such that the set of Y - k subsequences aligned to at most a single chromosome, a step intended to remove reads with spurious alignment artifacts.
Miller, A measure theoretical subsequence characterization of statistical convergence, Trans.
n[member of]N] is an arbitrary sequence in B, then it has a subsequence which is Cauchy with respect to the semimetric
Other specific subjects examined include probing the randomness of proteins by their subsequence composition, compressed transitive delta encoding, transform coding with dithered quantizers, and universal refinable trellis coded quantization.
Displacement--selects a subsequence and insert it in the opposite direction.
For example, given any ten consecutive terms in this sequence, the sum of this subsequence is equal to 11 times the 7th term of the subsequence.
The optimal sequence of investments must be such that the subsequence starting in any period is also optimal.
with the target date for the forecasts in each subsequence being Q4 of that year; on the 'question 2' plots the successive horizons are h = 8,7,6,5,8,7,6,5, .
n[right arrow][infinity]], there exists a subsequence [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of [{[x.
In summary, this new regulation has a few added dimensions that certainly will generate many subsequence regulations in the future and eventually reshape the landscape of medical regulation in China.
In an attempt to investigate the affinity of the imprinted microspheres for MCP, binding experiments and subsequence Scatchard analysis were carried out.
It adds: "An incident described is of a woman handcuffed almost until the point of birth and then handcuffed immediately afterwards and during every subsequence contact with her unwell baby.