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a section of a section


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Within subsection (f), Examination, adds the word experience in referencing skills experience; adds professionalism to the list of items that the exam assesses; and strikes the word law from the tern business litigation law.
The Opposite Defaults of the Subsection 73(1) and 85(1) Elections A.
Giant kelp canopy areas surveyed in December 2008 were compiled from MBC (2009 (4)) with the subsection areas calculated in ArcMAP.
The court also examined the reasonableness of a two-year limit on filing for relief under subsection (f) (when relief is not available under subsections (b) or (c) but, considering all the facts and circumstances, the IRS determines it would be inequitable to hold the spouse liable).
All bearings for or relating to interim attorneys' fees and costs under this subsection shall be scheduled expeditiously by the court.
This resulted in four LTAs for the Brown County Hills subsection (Pleasant Run unit of HNF) and six LTAs for the Crawford Upland subsection (Lost River, Patoka River and Tell City units of the HNF).
The book divides the essays into five subsections, and each of the essays within a subsection provides a complete and coherent analysis of the particular IPR debate it seeks to cover.
The Importing to Australia section of the site has subsections for the different types of items coming into the country, along with a subsection of general information.
Besides a general glossary, a context keywords list is included for each subsection, which is linked to the glossary for easy access to definitions.
The chapters are arranged by Michigan subsection, and cover everything from historical sites to river valleys to prime spots for beachcombing to state parks ideal for viewing wildflowers and much more, with maps and general directions.
In the case of an individual against whom a deficiency has been asserted and who elects to have subsection (b) or (c) apply--
Letter to Canada's Department of Finance Regarding Subsection 17(8) of the Income Tax Act, page 143
While Mrs X may consider transferring the rental property to Mr X so that Mr X will pay income tax on the rental income, subsection 74.