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a section of a section


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However, most of the documents including reports, papers and meeting minutes tend to have a general structure mainly composing of the section, subsection and contents.
While Akamai brought suit against Limelight under both of these subsections, it went to court only under subsection a, the issue has since blossomed to involve questions about both.
Multiple regression analyses were conducted in which the variance caused by the MII was removed, and partial correlations were computed between course grades and children's STAT total and subsection scores.
The ICA Subsection is a subdivision of the existing Complex Litigation Section in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court.
The Opposite Defaults of the Subsection 73(1) and 85(1) Elections A.
Giant kelp canopy areas surveyed in December 2008 were compiled from MBC (2009 (4)) with the subsection areas calculated in ArcMAP.
The court also examined the reasonableness of a two-year limit on filing for relief under subsection (f) (when relief is not available under subsections (b) or (c) but, considering all the facts and circumstances, the IRS determines it would be inequitable to hold the spouse liable).
3) Any person who fails to comply with subsection (1) is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to--
Subsection 619(b) of the bill requires the federal banking agencies to prohibit proprietary trading by insured depository institutions, companies directly or indirectly controlling insured depository institutions, companies treated as bank holding companies, and any of their subsidiaries (covered entities).
Interim attorney's fees and costs may be awarded from the opposing party in a pre-judgment dissolution proceeding in accordance with subsection (c-1) of Section 501 and in any other proceeding under this subsection.
However, the language of subsection 4 is not so limited.
The amendment retains the old statutory language in a newly labeled subsection (a) and links that language directly to clarifying language in the new subsection (b).
This resulted in four LTAs for the Brown County Hills subsection (Pleasant Run unit of HNF) and six LTAs for the Crawford Upland subsection (Lost River, Patoka River and Tell City units of the HNF).
The book divides the essays into five subsections, and each of the essays within a subsection provides a complete and coherent analysis of the particular IPR debate it seeks to cover.