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Synonyms for subscription

membership fee


Synonyms for subscription

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a payment for consecutive issues of a newspaper or magazine for a given period of time

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agreement expressed by (or as if expressed by) signing your name

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a pledged contribution

the act of signing your name

References in classic literature ?
This subscription was successful beyond all expectation; notwithstanding that it was a question not of lending but of giving the money.
Figures are, however, more eloquent than words, and here is the official statement of the sums which were paid in to the credit of the Gun Club at the close of the subscription.
Fifty-two thousand rix-dollars were the remittance of Sweden and Norway; the amount is large for the country, but it would undoubtedly have been considerably increased had the subscription been opened in Christiana simultaneously with that at Stockholm.
In addition, subscriptions were received at the following banks in the different states of the two continents:
A subscription of five hundred pounds, my Lady, would provide for everything--if it could only be collected.
Rich and generous as he knew his mistress to be, her proposal to pay the whole subscription took the steward by surprise.
If I relieve them anonymously in their present trouble, I spare them the exposure of a public subscription, and I do what I believe his Lordship would have done himself if he had lived.
Dexter, the brother, undertaking to be answerable for whatever money was to be required while the subscriptions were being collected, and only stipulating that when Miserrimus Dexter was removed to the asylum, Ariel should accompany him.
They threw themselves into committees in the most impassioned manner and collected subscriptions with a vehemence quite extraordinary.
My young family are not frivolous; they expend the entire amount of their allowance in subscriptions, under my direction; and they have attended as many public meetings and listened to as many lectures, orations, and discussions as generally fall to the lot of few grown people.
That is all very well, Lucille," he said, "but you must remember that in England we have very large subscriptions to the Order.
Well, Emelia told me the other day that once, when he had to collect subscriptions, official sanction was demanded for every single coin, since people thought that it would be no use paying their money to a poor man.
But the consequence is, that the whole profession in Middlemarch have set themselves tooth and nail against the Hospital, and not only refuse to cooperate themselves, but try to blacken the whole affair and hinder subscriptions.
A 5G subscription will require a device capable of supporting 5G services and use cases, and that is connected to a 5G-enabled network.
An Insider's Guide to Publishing Membership Websites--Tips, Techniques and Secrets, by the editors of the Subscription Website Publishers Association (SWEPA).