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receive or obtain regularly

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About 40% of respondents subscribe to more than five programs, and 70% use podcasting programs daily or almost daily.
After an aggregator is installed, you can subscribe to as many feeds as you wish, and updates are then displayed in your reader as Web pages (if you click on subscribe buttons before the software is installed, the computer-readable content will not make sense).
In order to subscribe to Salt and Light (416-971-5353), a viewer must rent or purchase a digital box (about $5 to rent or $100 to purchase), provided one has cable, and then subscribe to Salt and Light for about $5 per month.
You will see a list of available Army Communities you can subscribe to.
With investor portfolios down over 50 percent and no one willing to subscribe to an investment newsletter, how do you convince someone to subscribe?
Subscribe to VRG's parents' list at vrgparents-subscribe@yahoogroups.
If you're trying to keep abreast of farm animal issues, it's no longer necessary to subscribe to Beef magazine or Meat and Poultry News.
You can also subscribe to have the news, features and press releases from the website e-mailed to you.
Once you determine which providers will wire your property, it is then up to the tenant to decide which is best for them and what type of technologies to subscribe to.
Only sworn law enforcement officers, including retired, reserve, and auxiliary officers, may subscribe to POLICE-L.
Typically, once you've found a list that interests you, you'll subscribe to it by sending the list processor an e-mail message containing the word "subscribe.
PUBCITE enables users of AT&T Mail to obtain timely information without having to sift through multiple screen menus, subscribe to specialized databases, or learn special search commands.
Users can plug a compatible device into any Internet-connected computer and instantly access myPodder to update, subscribe to and manage their favorite audio and video podcasts.
To subscribe to a given League List, you would send an e-mail to "LISTNAME"-subscribe@lists.
While Cushman & Wakefield will become a subscriber to RealtyIQ, which intends to provide its service to the real estate industry at "affordable" prices, Sicola insisted, "We have still the opportunity to subscribe to any third party data base as long as we feel it's good quality and not duplicative to what we already subscribe to.