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(law) the act of substituting of one creditor for another

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When damage occurs to a property, the language in the lease can determine whether or not subrogation is an option.
Jodie Nevils and other plan enrollees have argued that the Missouri ban on subrogation clauses should apply to their coverage.
However, the duty to preserve is mutual, and subrogation professionals should be mindful of the duty to preserve all relevant documents and ESI as soon as a subrogation claim is anticipated.
The primary lawyer must provide ordinary lien and subrogation resolution services as part of the underlying personal injury or wrongful death matter.
Defendants filed motions for summary judgment, arguing that the county had agreed to provide insurance for project, and that county had waived its subrogation rights against them and, thus, was not entitled to recover damages.
John Brierley argued that it could, by the civilian technique of real subrogation.
In addition, this article will consider application of the doctrine in a double subrogation situation.
The company said that it has named Marie Cheung-Truslow to the position of executive vice president and subrogation practice leader.
With subrogation rights, insurers are able to investigate accidents and recover the losses they paid out.
The House provision would replace the current mixture of state statutes, federal statutes and court decisions that now govern group health plan subrogation actions.
The 3rd Annual National Property Subrogation ExecuSummit provides you with strategic intelligence, the best industry business practices and successful subrogation benchmarks.
ERISA and Health Insurance Subrogation - In All 50 States,' from Juris Publishing (Huntington, NY), is intended to introduce the health insurance claims handler, in-house counsel and subrogation professional to the complex world of health insurance subrogation in today's insurance subrogation marketplace.
The principle of subrogation plays an important role in effectively managing risk.
Yet, there is one largely unnoticed area of operations that could deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars each year: subrogation and recovery.