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substitute one creditor for another, as in the case where an insurance company sues the person who caused an accident for the insured

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can subrogate those claims and recover from the BP Oil Fund or other
Accordingly, when the insurer subrogates against the impaired driver, it is not going after its own "insured" within the meaning of Section C.
Can the insurer subrogate against the insured impaired driver for Section B benefits paid out to other insureds injured in the same accident?
This case is an interpretation of what is now [section] 544(b)(1), which subrogates the trustee to any avoidance power of an unsecured creditor.
Again, it is said: "Upon his performance of this contract, equity subrogates him to all rights of the obligee as against the principal.
then allowed the insurer to subrogate or intervene in the litigation.