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substitute one creditor for another, as in the case where an insurance company sues the person who caused an accident for the insured

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The new interest rate on the $100,000 subrogated amount cannot exceed that of the original interest rate.
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212) The "insurer generally is not entitled to be subrogated to rights that may exist as a consequence of a liability claim against its own insured" person.
The University contended that Francois' action against it was barred because the Settlement Agreement did not clearly reserve a cause of action against the University and therefor Francois's rights were equitably subrogated to Nurse Martinez as a result of the Release and Settlement Agreement.
Because insurers have the right to recover benefits from the responsible party, the insured has no concern over repaying the subrogated carrier.
The captive was able to have the claim subrogated to the contractor's insurer.
50) Upon payment, the Trust Fund will be subrogated to the rights of the claimant against the RP.
The Browne Jacobson team, headed by Andrew Pieri and Nichola Evans, will advise on policy coverage, liability and subrogated recovery issues.
Ricci too carves out a place for disparate impact that is subrogated to disparate treatment.
As well, when the PBGF does make a payout, it receives a commensurate lien against the assets of the employer, and the Superintendent is subrogated to the plan administrator's claim.
if not, can the insurer make a subrogated claim against the impaired driver?
Accordingly, if the LLC did not have funds, which it apparently did not, plaintiffs could be subrogated to the LLC's claim against the defendant.
Under the rule, a victim can recover full damages from a tortfeasor even after the victim has already received full compensation for damages from the victim's own insurer for the very same injurious event (assuming, of course, that the victim had not previously by contract subrogated the rights of recovery from tortfeasors to the insurer in consideration of a lower policy premium).