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substitute one creditor for another, as in the case where an insurance company sues the person who caused an accident for the insured

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Therefore, Magistrate Judge Netburn added, the Insurers could not equitably subrogate to and "stand in the shoes" of these policyholders' claims, and they were "not entitled to the $305,737,641 sought under their reinsurance contracts.
insurer to subrogate either in whole or in part to the rights of the
NFIP, the taxpayer subrogates his or her right to recover payment from
Under SB 169, insurers will still maintain the right to subrogate, but that right will be moderated by an appropriate rule that ensures that those who are most affected will first be fully compensated.
There are examples in which the refinancing lender had constructive notice, but not actual knowledge, and was permitted to subrogate.
My insurance company paid my claim and then told me it was going to subrogate with the company that insured the at-fault driver of the car crash.
Ryan in September 1971, long before General Lavelle became an issue, I was prepared to go and serve and be the best damn Air Force officer in Vietnam if sent, as I always understood that military officers must subrogate their political views to the national will as set by the National Command Authorities.
Small began to identify opportunities to subrogate for recoveries related to workers' comp claims and automobile accidents.
Can the insurer subrogate against the insured impaired driver for Section B benefits paid out to other insureds injured in the same accident?
The broker would then have a right to pay claims to the shipper and subrogate against the responsible carrier and its insurer.
The government created the loan facility with 30 trillion yen on the assumption that credit-guarantee associations would subrogate payments worth 10% of the fund, or 3 trillion yen, and recover 50% of them.
Beach, (4) another Louisiana Court of Appeals case, similarly suggests that the parties to an insurance contract might agree that the underwriters could subrogate against additional assureds.
This process will not eliminate the hotel's liability, but it provides a party to subrogate claims to in the event of an incident.
However, one factor is certain: We should not subrogate our patient care and patient education responsibilities.
If there is an effective waiver of claims by the owner, a waiver of subrogation will probably not be necessary, because there will then be no claim that the owner's insurance carrier can subrogate through, but usually both provisions are included in the agreement.