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Additionally, it can subrogate in cases that are the result of a crime of personal violence that occurred in a state, or political subdivision of a state, in which the person injured as a result of such crime is entitled to receive health care services.
NFIP, the taxpayer subrogates his or her right to recover payment from
There are examples in which the refinancing lender had constructive notice, but not actual knowledge, and was permitted to subrogate.
Both the Insurance Law of 2002 and the 2009 Amendment grant the insurer a right, after having indemnified the insured, to subrogate the insured's claim for indemnity against the third party who incurred the loss up to the amount of proceeds paid.
Can the insurer subrogate against the insured impaired driver for Section B benefits paid out to other insureds injured in the same accident?
Put another way, Shuck [Schuck] proposes that a state should be able to subrogate its liability by approaching other states to accept its refugee quota in exchange for cash, and/or other incentives such as "credit, commodities, development assistance, technical advice, weapons and political support.
It can provide a means of credibly committing creditors to coordinate their liquidation activities because no creditor can subrogate the secured claim by pursuing independent debt-collection activities.
The government created the loan facility with 30 trillion yen on the assumption that credit-guarantee associations would subrogate payments worth 10% of the fund, or 3 trillion yen, and recover 50% of them.
This process will not eliminate the hotel's liability, but it provides a party to subrogate claims to in the event of an incident.
If there is an effective waiver of claims by the owner, a waiver of subrogation will probably not be necessary, because there will then be no claim that the owner's insurance carrier can subrogate through, but usually both provisions are included in the agreement.
In addition, the court ruled that Harleysville was not required to subrogate or contribute to NAICO.
The limits and exclusions in the shop's policy are not typically shared and the collector's insurance company can pay a claim and subrogate against the shop if there are issues that might otherwise delay payment.
Are there mortgage, easement, or lease holders who must consent or subrogate their interests?
could hit the ground running in its efforts to subrogate claims, because the carrier didn't have to invest in any technology due to the nature of ASP.