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The next several sections describe the key subprograms of the HPPSS with an emphasis on technical components that provide the simulator with its power and versatility.
The values of [gamma]' and [gamma]" are determined by the modelling programs at all stages of the in-cylinder process calculation and transferred to the UNIT2 subprogram through a common domain.
A function subprogram named Convolution was written to perform the multiplication of two large integers using this method.
Remember: G65 is a command that calls a macro subprogram into effect.
28) The natural resources policy subprogram aims to implement environmental management related to economic development in top priority areas chosen by the Amazonian states.
Every icon is a small applet (an autonomous subprogram that can be downloaded and operate within a browser like Netscape) that quietly generates every possible image in the confines of the grid of a typical computer icon (the tiny images that represent applications and documents).
119) Program design typically follows certain standard conventions, such as using a "main" subprogram or putting all input-output routines in one library.
Call subprogram projects Scientific and Technological Infrastructure, within the framework of the State Program of Development of Scientific and Technical Research Excellence of the State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016.
The Sustainable Energy Sector Reform Programme Subprogram 2 supports policy measures to address extensive debts in the electricity sector, as well as further market reforms to improve the efficiency of public sector power companies and to encourage competition through more private sector participation.
ADB's $20 million grant for improvement of Kyrgyzstan's investment climate President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambaev signed the law ratifying the grant agreement between Kyrgyzstan and the Asian Development Bank on Investment Climate Improvement Program - Subprogram II signed on 26 November 2012 in Bishkek.
Selection of the correct riser sleeve and filter is simplified using the software's Filter size subprogram.
With the start of program budgeting in 1997, program goals were identified for each subprogram.
Source of Funding / Amount:Loan 3321-PAK: Sustainable Energy Sector Reform Program - Subprogram 2
The $400 million loan for the second subprogram of the Sustainable Energy Sector Reform Program supports ongoing policy reforms, which aim to build an affordable and secure energy sector.
The grant agreement is signed for completion of the investment climate improvement subprogram 2.