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procure (false testimony or perjury)

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induce to commit perjury or give false testimony

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Saakashvili utilized the surviving files and apparatus of the Soviet state to penetrate the networks of patronage in Ajara and upper Kodori, and then he suborned the respective warlords' supporters with offers of amnesty and official positions.
At a time when the demand for judicial reforms and change in the legal processes has acquired a new urgency, we must ensure that the voice of sanity and logic is not suborned to the momentary impulses of the day.
And it was the innocence of these which had been suborned by the defendant in terms of his own interest which he has continued to express.
Typically, while faulting Krock for his "disturbing" readiness to be suborned, Nasaw doesn't knock Kennedy for doing the suborning.
Spivak holds that US racism has suborned conservative Christian African-America for a future subalternization that will help this.
But investigative journalism becomes discredited when it is suborned to "expose" the private lives of the famous when no issue of public interest is involved.
On the other hand, because he was not pally with the big shots, he had no real axe to grind and did not run the risk of being suborned by the mighty and the powerful.
And he is also so right in querying what is the point of electing MPs into Westminster if they are going to be suborned by the human rights brigade?
He examines the roots of the NHS in 19th century workers' mutual aid societies, its transformation from a gift economy to a system suborned to the demands of the market, and considers how the NHS could once again be separated from the market and be fashioned according to the principles of democratic socialism.
Marduk himself changes the story, demanding of the defeated gods, "Who was it made war, suborned Tiamat and drew up for battle?
But when a match has been fixed, certain players, who have been suborned, agree to play in a way that the other team wins.
Evidence was fabricated, exculpatory evidence suppressed, witnesses suborned.
Nothing in the book suggests that Taylor suborned or bribed any Iranian officials for information.
It has suffered at the hands of over-earnest beardy types in Arran sweaters and one finger in their ears and been suborned by the crusty, dreadlock-dangling dog on a string scene.
When an illegal act is suborned through informal cooperation and consequently a law is violated in information-sharing, it is generally understood among the players that the illegal transaction likely will never be made public; hence, agents may employ illegal means to acquire information as it is well understood they likely may do so with impunity.