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procure (false testimony or perjury)

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induce to commit perjury or give false testimony

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While this glaring inconsistency poses fascinating problems of analysis and interpretation, inventing a lost underlying story in which Kingu did in fact suborn Tiamat is not an attractive option; something else is at work here.
The public is increasingly concerned that drug and medical companies suborn scientists to present shoddy and even false research results that could harm both human research subjects and consumers of products approved as safe.
indeed, the Chinese have twice managed to suborn FBI agents deployed against them (using sexual lures)," said Charles Viar of the Center for Intelligence Studies in an e-mail to THE NEW AMERICAN.
But worse than this, mafias with abundant funds to suborn politicians and the power to murder those who will not be bribed, challenge the rule of law and the prosperity of every country in which they are established.
And in their zeal to convict, the district attorneys are occasionally tempted to overlook mitigating evidence, pressure a witness, or suborn perjury.
But he presents compelling evidence that, in dealing with the Lockerbie case, the US and Britain were prepared to flaunt international law, suborn the UN security council and subvert the work of the International Court of Justice in order to achieve their own objectives.
Frame-ups for such crimes require prosecutors to suborn perjury, suppress exculpatory evidence, and coerce false confession.
And guilt-ridden white elites suborn and accommodate them, making their delusions all the more sustainable.
Criminal organizations now threaten not only to destabilize entire states, but also suborn entire governments.
Question 68: Do you admit or deny that on or about January 26, 1998, you had a conversation with Harold Ickes, in which you made statements to the effect that you had not asked anyone to change their story, suborn perjury or obstruct justice if called to testify or otherwise respond to a request for information from the Office of Independent Counsel or in any other legal proceeding?
He was charged with intimidation of a witness, attempting to suborn perjury and two counts of conspiracy.
This was not a spontaneous outburst but a clearly orchestrated attempt to suborn local democracy.